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LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) SARM 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Discover the benefits and side effects of LGD-4033 (Ligandrol), including dosing recommendations and cycle examples, stacking info and buying options.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Ligandrol is a first-choice bulking SARM for so many of us. When something works as well as LGD-4033, it just makes sense to keep coming back to it. But does that mean LGD-4033 is a perfect SARM and the only one you should ever use for bulking? I would say no to that.

I would call this the most reliable SARM for gaining muscle and one that universally works very well for almost all users. Most other SARMs and PEDs have their fair share of people who say: “Don’t bother” or “It did nothing for me,” but these are words you’ll very rarely hear about LGD-4033. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Ligandrol!

A Note About PEDs

The use of SARMs is not regulated by the FDA and may or may not be suitable for you. Before taking any SARMs, consult your physician for a thorough evaluation. The reality is that SARMs are potentially dangerous, and studies and reports clearly show some severe and life-threatening side effects. The risks are not worth it, mainly when very effective alternatives exist. Without further ado, here are my top picks:

What is LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 has been around for more than 15 years, but like every other SARM, it is yet to be approved for any medical use.


Ligandrol is still classified as a research chemical, and there’s no guarantee that it will ever gain approval to be used as a medication. That hasn’t stopped the bodybuilding community from noticing its superb effects, making this a SARM that appeals to even those who usually would only use powerful anabolic steroids.

History and Overview

Ligand Pharmaceuticals was the original creator of Ligandrol (which might give you a clue of where that brand name came from). Viking Therapeutics has now taken over further development of this SARM.

LGD-4033 has a solid history of studies and clinical trials behind it, which have proven that this SARM is effective at increasing lean muscle mass and muscular strength.

As if that’s not enough: Of all the SARMs in existence, Ligandrol has made the most headlines. Several high-profile athletes have tested positive for it over the years, although there’s a chance that they genuinely didn’t realize they were taking LGD-4033.

How could that be?

Some sports supplement makers have been found to have included LGD-4033 in their formula while selling it as a dietary supplement. This is not only illegal (with the FDA investigating them) but serves as a timely reminder that we should take the utmost care when buying any performance products and knowing exactly what’s in them – including SARMs themself.

Mechanism of Action

As a SARM, LGD-4033 can target specific androgen receptors. Muscle and bone receptors are the primary targets. This has two main consequences:

  • LGD-4033 promotes anabolic activity
  • LGD-4033 can also be anti-catabolic

Although no SARM is perfect in its targeting of androgen receptors, LGD-4033 is thought to have minimal activity outside the targeted receptors in bone and muscle. This means one thing: unwanted androgenic side effects are minimized compared with anabolic steroids.

But as I’ll describe more below, Ligandrol can still give you some of the troubling side effects that come with AAS steroids, just for slightly different reasons.

Effects of LGD-4033 (Benefits)

As you will expect, the central benefits of Ligandrol revolve around its ability to promote impressive gains in lean muscle and boost your strength to facilitate the lifting of heavier weights. This makes it a SARM primarily used in bulking cycles, although a few users might choose to use it for muscle preservation while cutting.

Muscle Gains

LGD-4033 is one of, if not the best, bulking SARM you can get today. A short 8-week cycle on a low to moderate dose can see you gaining 10lbs of muscle, and more in some cases. Total weight gain can reach 20 lbs for some males, but not all of this is lean muscle.

Gains in muscle with Ligandrol will almost always come with some level of water retention, providing a much fuller appearance (although temporarily). This will result in some loss of weight after your cycle because LGD-4033 is not what we could call a dry SARM like Testolone, although water retention will rarely be at the severity seen with some anabolic steroids.

More Strength

LGD-4033 will bring on an increase in your strength early in the cycle. Just how much extra strength you will feel varies; some guys find a massive boost, while others don’t find it so noticeable.

Without a doubt, the vast majority of Ligandrol users find a substantial boost in strength, which is one of the two main benefits and purposes of using this SARM alongside muscle gains (they do go hand in hand, after all).

While you’re not likely to be on a calorie deficit diet when using LGD-4033, some users have found that when they are on a diet, LGD-4033 STILL provides excellent strength gains that support the heavier weights being lifted.

Better Performance

Although it’s far from one of the most potent endurance or performance-enhancing SARMs, LGD-4033 will significantly increase your workout capacity. This can come in the form of more stamina and energy and simply noticing that you’re able to train at a higher intensity for longer. This can reduce your break between sets, resulting in more efficient workouts where you can fit more in and get those muscle gains happening faster.

Increased Bone Density

Along with targeting androgen receptors in muscle tissue, bones are also targeted, and this brings us the benefit of increased bone mineral density (essentially, strength and health of the bones).

With increased muscle being gained and heavier weights being lifted, the stronger your bones are, the less likely you are to be injured, and the better your body can support that extra weight.

Faster Recovery

Recovering quicker allows you to fit in an increased volume of training in the same amount of time as before. In other words, as LGD-4033 speeds up muscle recovery following intensive weight lifting, those muscles can be worked on again with a shorter rest period in between. A previous 3-4 day recovery can become as short as just one day on Ligandrol.

Bigger Pumps

That added water retention that comes with Ligandrol can provide some benefits, including better pumps. Sometimes, the pumps are potent (and not necessarily when/where you want them to happen, like in the lower back), while some users find their pumps don’t improve much at all.

Again, this will be an individual effect with factors like anatomy, nutrition, workout intensity, and dose.

LGD-4033 Dosing and Administration

What clinical trials have revealed about LGD-4033 is that not only is it proven to increase muscle and strength, but it does it very well at low doses. But your gains will still be dose-dependent, and as bodybuilders, we’ll almost always be using higher doses than those that were given in human clinical studies.

Take note, though: There is an upper limit where you’re not going to keep seeing positive gains by increasing the dosage. You will, however, see some more nasty side effects!

In other words, stay within the recommended range that bodybuilders have over the years defined as the best balance between great results and managing the side effects.


In most clinical studies with humans, doses of LGD-4033 were typically only 1mg and below. This is an exceptionally low dose, yet lean muscle and strength gains still occur! Researchers have also found that gains are usually dose-dependent, and a dose of 1mg can yield better results than 0.5mg (all other factors being equal, like diet and training).

When it comes to us bodybuilders, we will usually want to start a little higher up the dosage scale. But not too high; there comes a point with bodybuilding doses where more does not mean better. LGD-4033 has a pretty small dosage range that we should stick to.

Check out my suggested guidelines below for LGD-4033 doses for beginner through to advanced users, as well as females:


If you’re brand new to LGD-4033, starting at a very low dose is ideal. 2mg to 3mg daily gives you an excellent introduction to LGD-4033 while minimizing water retention and suppression. Don’t let these small numbers fool you. This is still going to be a potent cycle with significant gains.


Many users think of 5mg as the ideal dose of Ligandrol, and I tend to agree. It’s a perfect balance of getting the very best effects of this SARM without taking the side effects too far. Even experienced users will always stick by a standard 5mg/8-week cycle. If that’s what you find comfortable, then rest assured, you’re missing out on nothing by maintaining this optimal Ligandrol dose.


10mg is the maximum even advanced users will want to take. Many will find that the benefits are not noticeably better than a 7-8mg dose, so some experimentation is needed to find your ideal dose.

I’m sure you’ve read people talking about taking 15mg daily. That’s a very high dose. My opinion? It’s not worth it. If you need more gains than you can get with 10mg of Ligandrol, then you should be looking at stacking it with other PEDs. See some of my suggested stacks in the Stacking section below.


Women should maintain a dosage of well under 5mg; starting at just 1mg is a good idea. Since Ligandrol has powerful anabolic effects, very few women will see the need to take more than 3mg of this SARM and will still see excellent muscle and strength gains with a low risk of virilizing effects.

Note: higher doses of LGD-4033 (even 5mg) over several months of use can bring on masculine effects, and females should avoid such doses. More women are choosing Ligandrol over Anavar due to the decreased incidence of overall side effects with LGD-4033 at low doses.

Bioavailability, Half-life, and Cycle Length

The accepted half-life of LGD-4033 is somewhere between 24 and 36 hours. There’s no such thing as an exact half-life because everyone’s body processes and metabolism will differ slightly.

In any case, this half-life length makes it convenient to take LGD-4033 just once per day and enjoy the full benefits without worrying about your levels dropping too low throughout the day.

Dosing Schedule and Administration Methods

LGD-4033 is taken once daily, but the timing of your dose is a matter of personal preference. People swear by taking it in the morning, while others think it gives a workout boost 30 minutes before training.

  • If you find sleeping difficult on LGD-4033, as a small minority of users can with any SARM, avoid taking it at night.
  • There is no known benefit to taking LGD-4033 before a workout; giving it a go won’t hurt (don’t discount that placebo effect).

With a half-life of over 24 hours, whatever time of day you take LGD-4033 should not affect your results as long as you’re consistent with timing.

Liquid and capsules are available, and their administration is self-explanatory – liquid SARMs are taken directly into the mouth using a dropper. Hold the liquid under your tongue for up to 15 seconds to help with absorption before swallowing.

LGD-4033 Cycles

It’s not a secret: LGD-4033 is what we can confidently call a high-quality bulking SARM. Even some of the most experienced bodybuilders, including me, will happily run LGD-4033 on its own! We can’t say that for a whole lot of other SARMs or non-AAS PEDs. That’s just how potent LGD-4033 is at delivering muscle gains.

And that brings me to my next point: Rarely will you use Ligandrol for anything other than bulking unless you need to use this particular SARM while cutting (there are plenty of better options). So, my example cycles below are based on the primary goal of gaining lean muscle as well as increased strength and performance in the gym.

LGD-4033 Cycle for Men

The majority of men who run an LGD-4033 cycle are pleased with the results. Being able to significantly increase the amount of weight you can lift, recover much faster, and put on size relatively quickly make this a favored SARM by men for bulking cycles.

A simple but effective LGD-4033 cycle for men is 10mg/daily for 8-10 weeks. Results will vary according to a bunch of factors, but just about every male will see muscle and weight gain above 10 lbs over eight weeks.

The level of strength increase is often described as “massive,” and for most of us, this becomes notable within week one. It can feel like your lifts are way up overnight after a week or so of starting. Something else positive that most male LGD-4033 users will talk about is their pumps! Pumps can be massive with this SARM.

On the downside, it’s not unusual to see complaints about water retention. In some cases, it will be noticed within the first week. Those who get bloodwork done can find a halving of total and free testosterone at the mid-cycle period, and the same with cholesterol. This shows the importance of getting your bloodwork done.

LGD-4033 Cycle for Women

LGD-4033 has become more popular with women who want an alternative option to steroids. The great thing about LGD-4033 for females is that there is a very low risk of virilizing side effects (development of masculine traits) unless high doses are used for a prolonged length of time.

Females can see excellent strength and muscle gain results with LGD-4033 at very low doses. A female cycle can be as simple as eight weeks at 1mg to 3mg of LGD-4033 daily. Gains of 10-15lbs are possible, but keep in mind some will be water weight lost following the cycle. A 25% increase in your weightlifting ability is an achievable goal.

What women are saying about their LGD-4033 cycles is mainly positive. Side effects are often limited to changes in libido (although usually an increase), acne, and stomach upset in sensitive users. Women who have used unnecessarily high doses of LGD-4033 or used it for many months continually note that virilizing effects do develop in those cases.

LGD-4033 vs. Other PEDs

There are a few other PEDs that I regularly see people trying to compare with LGD-4033 or asking whether one is better to use than the other. Here are four comparisons to consider:

LGD-4033 vs. Ostarine

Ligandrol is superior for bulking compared to Ostarine, while Ostarine will provide more of a benefit for endurance activity and is much better suited for cutting cycles. Put simply, LGD-4033 is much more potent than Ostarine in both its effects and side effects.

Ostarine SARM
Ostarine SARM

Ostarine can undoubtedly provide some muscle gains, but expect to gain two to three times more with LGD-4033. If you’re comparing these two PEDs for a bulking cycle, then the choice is clear: go with LGD-4033.

LGD-4033 vs. RAD-140

RAD-140 is another SARM that’s compared with Ligandrol because they’re both excellent bulking PEDs. They are two of the most potent SARMs, and the choice between these two is often what it comes down to.


I still prefer LGD-4033 for a straight-up bulking cycle, but it’s not suitable for cutting. RAD-140 is better if recomp is a goal rather than pure mass gain. RAD-140 gains will be much drier than LGD-4033, which alone can be the decision maker for you between these two – depending on your personal goals.

LGD-4033 vs. Anavar

We could also compare a whole bunch of steroids to LGD-4033, but I want to look at Anavar here.

Anavar AAS
Anavar AAS

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a very mild anabolic steroid and appeals to those wanting to use SARMs to experience reduced side effects compared to most other AAS. If you’re male? Anavar is not going to be a steroid that rivals LGD-4033 for bulking; most men find Anavar too weak to use.

Women are another story; both compounds can result in significant muscle gain. Anavar should not cause water retention but does come with a risk of virilization at higher doses.

LGD-4033 vs. MK-677

Finally, I want to look at LGD-4033 compared to MK-677. These are two entirely different PEDs, with MK-677 not being a SARM.

Ibutamoren GH Secretagogue
Ibutamoren GH Secretagogue

MK-677 won’t suppress you at all and can be used with no side effects if used alone. It can promote some muscle gain, but not like LGD-4033. MK-677 comes into its own when stacked with LGD-4033, where it can be used to further enhance your results thanks to the synergistic activity these two PEDs have.

Stacking LGD-4033

Before you think about stacking Ligandrol with anything else, you should have done at least one (preferably more) cycle using this SARM on its own. A lot of guys don’t feel a need to stack LGD-4033 at all, ever. It’s that good on its own!

But there are additional benefits and results to be had by combining Ligandrol with other PEDs, as long as you plan your stacks carefully. LGD-4033-based stacks will be focused mostly on bulking and strength enhancement.


This isn’t a SARM you want to be using in cutting cycles. There’s just too much water weight to make Ligandrol of any use for cutting or fat loss. Here are some of my top stacks that include LGD-4033:

LGD-4033 + RAD-140 (Bulking Stack)

The ultimate bulking stack! These are two of the best bulking SARMs money can buy, and each provides exceptional results when used alone. So this combination is one for the more advanced and experienced user where you’re looking to take your gains to a much higher level.

This is a fantastic stack – but not if it’s your first one. You’re stacking a SARM that causes water retention (LGD) with one that doesn’t (RAD). So make sure you’ve got enough experience with each SARM individually before even thinking about this stack.


  • Muscle gains
  • Strength gains
  • Leaner and drier results compared to LGD-4033 only cycle
  • Increased bone density


  • RAD-140: 10mg daily
  • LGD-4033: 5mg daily
  • Cycle length: 8 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • Some liver stress
  • Cholesterol increase
  • Aggression
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • LGD flu
  • Hair shedding
  • Insomnia


As expected, muscle gains and strength increases will be as good as it gets with SARMs on this stack. The sky is the limit to how much your lifts will increase. Growing your lifting capability by up to 10% each week as the cycle progresses has been reported by some users.

Muscle or overall weight gain of 15 lbs over eight weeks is achievable. Some water weight will be lost after your cycle. Yes, there are guys claiming gains of 20 lbs or even more, but how much are they able to keep on after the cycle ends? That’s where your PCT is going to be critical.

You can skew the dosage of each PED here to lean more towards RAD-140’s dry and hard effects. Keep in mind that Ligandrol is the stronger PED, and I still think dosage should be kept low for both because even at my dosage guidelines above, you’ll find this is a very suppressive stack.

RAD-140 will help reduce and get rid of some of the water retention caused by Ligandrol. But that fluid does come with its small benefit – it can help keep your joints comfortable, so this can offset some of the joint dryness that RAD-140 brings about.

Recovery times are drastically improved, and this is something all users of this stack will notice quickly. Two, three, or more days of recovery becomes as little as one day.


This is a suppressive stack, so PCT will be required for all males. Enclomiphene has become the favored option for a lot of us (although Nolvadex and Clomid are still OK).

A 4-week PCT cycle with Enclomiphene at 12.5mg daily for the first three weeks, dropped to 6.25mg for the final week, will get your testosterone back to normal.

LGD-4033 + MK 677 (Recomp/Bulking Stack)

This stack is so highly regarded that it was the subject of an official study where it was found to successfully increase body mass, lean mass, and fat mass[1]. MK-677 will make it easier to eat increased calories with its appetite-enhancing effects.


  • Muscle gains
  • Strength increase
  • Fast recovery
  • Improved bone density
  • Fat loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Improved sleep


MK-677 can be used as a PCT support compound and extended to 16 weeks, while Ligandrol use is limited to 8 weeks.

  • Week 1-8: LGD-4033 5mg-10mg/day
  • Week 1-16: MK-677 15mg/day

Possible side effects

  • Lethargy
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • LGD flu
  • Reduced libido


Some fat loss is possible with this stack, depending on whether your training includes enough cardio activity and just how many calories you’re taking in. Muscle gains can be expected up to 10 lbs.

This can be thought of as more of a recomp than a straight-up bulking stack, so increased definition and vascularity is possible much more so than with Ligandrol only, BUT you’ll need to keep water retention under control, with both these PEDs potentially causing that side effect.


A low dose of LGD-4033 could allow you to get away without PCT on this cycle if MK-677 is extended to 16 weeks. Otherwise, a standard Nolvadex or Clomid 4-week PCT will be adequate.

LGD-4033 + Cardarine (Bulking + Cholesterol Support)

Cardarine is mostly a supportive compound that can help offset the cholesterol-raising effects of Ligandrol. Getting bloodwork done will confirm if Cardarine is having a positive impact on cholesterol. Cardarine will also bring to the table some other additional performance benefits:


  • Muscle and strength gains
  • Big pumps
  • Cholesterol support
  • Endurance and stamina
  • Some fat loss
  • Fast recovery


  • 8-12 weeks cycle length
  • Cardarine 10mg daily
  • LGD-4033 5mg-10mg daily

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • LGD flu
  • Cancer risk of Cardarine


Cardarine is not going to provide much in the way of contributing to muscle gains on this cycle, so weight gain results will be pretty similar to what you will get with a Ligandrol-only cycle.

The secondary goal of this stack is to improve your cholesterol outlook. If you’re looking at losing some body fat, Cardarine will make it easier, although this can be masked by water retention during the cycle.


Cardarine is not suppressive, so PCT will only be relative to Ligandrol. Enclomiphene at 12.5 mg for three weeks decreased to 6.25 mg for another week.

LGD-4033 PCT

I’ve read more than a few times that LGD-4033 doesn’t require PCT to get testosterone levels back to normal. But we know from some of the studies that Ligandrol can and does suppress testosterone by 50% or more. Guys who are happy to go 30 days with possible low testosterone symptoms are typically in the minority.

If you’ve run a short cycle at a very low dose, you might not be suppressed enough to feel it, but bloodwork is the only reliable way to know your levels truly. If you’re unsure? I do PCT, anyway. Better safe than sorry, and I don’t want to lose my gains. PCT does not have to be complex or expensive after a Ligandrol cycle. A simple Tamoxifen at 10-40mg (according to your need) for 3-4 weeks works well for me.

Alternatively, Enclomiphene has become a favored PCT drug for SARM users. For a lot of us, it can work better than the older Nolva/Clomid options and with reduced side effect risk. A simple Enclomiphene-based PCT involves taking 12.5 mg for three weeks, then 6.25 mg for 1-2 weeks, depending on how suppressed you are.

I have a more detailed guide to PCT that you should take the time to check out here.

LGD-4033 Side Effects

Ligandrol is not a side-effect-free SARM. But it’s also not a SARM with any extremely worrying side effects either, despite being one of the most potent SARMs. Most of these are tolerable and manageable and along the lines of what most of us are already familiar with if we’ve used any other PEDs (including steroids).

Water Retention

Some users report very high levels of water retention (yet also often love the fullness it provides!). Others don’t suffer so badly with fluid (diet and water intake also play a role).

Although this water retention isn’t caused by aromatization as it is with steroids and some other PEDs, it can still develop, but I don’t always see this as a hugely negative side effect. It’s temporary, and it makes you look full while also making the joints feel good – as long as the fluid retention doesn’t get out of hand.

Testosterone suppression

LGD-4033 is a very suppressive SARM. Most men will need to do PCT after using it (despite what you might see some guys say). Even in clinical trials with very low doses (1mg), testosterone levels often dropped by half.

As bodybuilders, we usually take at least 5mg daily, so you should expect and be prepared for testosterone suppression and its associated effects if you don’t mitigate via the usual methods.


LGD-4033 can have a drastic effect on your cholesterol levels. It’s essential to know your baseline cholesterol stats by getting bloodwork (because you want to know if you already have high cholesterol). A lot of users find their LDL (bad) cholesterol shoots up significantly while using Ligandrol. Others don’t see such serious cholesterol changes.

Maintaining a cholesterol-friendly diet is ideal in any case while trying to include cardio workouts as often as possible in your training. Some users like to stack Cardarine with LGD-4033, with Cardarine being well-known as a cholesterol-supportive compound.

Flu symptoms

This is a side effect unique to LGD-4033 and is still somewhat unexplained. No one knows why it happens or why some people don’t suffer from it one little bit while others will feel sick (or anywhere in between). The signs are similar to an upper respiratory tract infection and can be so bad in some users that the cycle must stop.

Usually, the “flu” lasts less than one week, so you can try to push through it with over-the-counter medications, but it can make training at your peak level very difficult. Ideally, rest is the best way to get the symptoms to clear as quickly as possible so you can continue the cycle.

Hair loss

Some men will find hair shedding occurs with LGD-4033, but it is one of the more “hair-friendly” SARMs, and you’re not likely to see hair loss as bad as with something like RAD-140. I’ve even known of guys who know they’re susceptible to male pattern baldness and not losing any hair with LGD-4033.

This side effect could primarily come down to the quality of your Ligandrol and what unknown substances might be in a poor-quality product.

Where to Buy LGD-4033?

Buying Ligandrol is something most of us find very easy to do nowadays. Where you are in the world will affect how much you pay, and if there are any complications in ordering SARMs, but for most countries, including the US, it’s a stress-free process.

So, where to buy it? Here are my top picks:

Author’s Note: The effects of PEDs vary from person to person and depend on many variables, including type, dosage, frequency of use, and interactions with current medications. Please speak with a healthcare provider or pharmacist before starting any PEDs.

Best Overall: Brutal Force Ligabulk Ligandrol

Brutal Force Ligabulk Ligandrol

Why I Like It: All the muscle and strength gains of Ligandrol without crashing my testosterone levels or adding water weight, so I don’t need to think about running PCT or taking an AI.

It’s Worth Noting: Ligabulk is one of Brutal Force’s most potent bulking formulas, and for maximum muscle gain, aim for 20% above maintenance calories to support muscle growth.

Ligandrol is one of the most potent SARMs for strength and muscle gains, and Ligabulk does not disappoint in delivering very similar results. Ligabulk is all about our two biggest priorities: muscle and strength gains. This makes it a potent bulking formula, just like the famed LGD-4033.

Not only that, but Ligabulk has you covered for the increased bone strength and fast recovery times that Ligandrol is known for. But it’s in the strength department that Ligabulk shines. Pushing my max lifts beyond previous records was quick and pronounced within the first week. As for muscle gains? Results with Ligabulk closely rival that of Ligandrol. More than 15lbs of quality lean gains (and some fat loss) within three weeks is not only possible but is the minimum – results above 20lbs are achievable.

This brings me to this point: Ligabulk can be used for longer cycles than Ligandrol because of its absence of side effects or stress on the body that LGD-4033 causes. With Ligandrol causing many of the same side effects as steroids (think testosterone suppression, water retention), this is all avoided with Ligabulk, which has ZERO suppressive effects on testosterone and doesn’t cause fluid build-up. So, I can say goodbye to AIs and SERMs while getting nearly identical results.

Product Details:

  • Form: Capsule
  • Serving Size: 3 capsules daily (before first meal)
  • Servings per Container: 30
  • Active Ingredients: Vitamin D3, L-leucine, MSM, Suma, Ashwagandha, Puncture Vine, Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Dietary Considerations: Organic, vegan
  • Third-party Tested: Yes

Best Overall (Runner-Up): Crazy Bulk Ligan 4033 Ligandrol

Crazy Bulk Ligan 4033 Ligandrol

Why I Like It: Crazy Bulk Ligan 4033 gives me an increase in testosterone levels and all the related benefits without needing to prepare for testosterone shutdown and PCT afterward.

It’s Worth Noting: It will save you money to prepare in advance and purchase several months supply of Ligan 4033.

Ligandrol is named the most powerful and best muscle-building SARM by many bodybuilders, so Ligan 4033 has a lot to live up to. Ligan 4033 is closely based on Ligandrol, so its primary effect is muscle gains, and at its core, this is a bulking formula. There’s more to it, though: Ligan 4033 boosts endurance, stamina, strength, and energy and speeds up recovery – just like Ligandrol. But there’s one big difference that I love about Ligan 4033 compared to Ligandrol: the way I get LEAN on Ligan 4033. Ligandrol’s water retention is not ideal for aesthetics if you want a more ripped look.

People love SARMs because they think they cause none of the side effects of steroids, but Ligandrol does indeed come with other adverse effects, including fluid retention that can lead to high blood pressure. Ligan 4033 completely does away with these and other risk factors Ligandrol causes like testosterone suppression, liver toxicity, increased cholesterol, LGD flu, and high blood sugar. Like many others, I’ve used Ligandrol because it’s excellent at delivering fast and significant muscle and strength gains, but this is coupled with just as powerful downsides that you don’t have to deal with on Ligan 4033. This means you don’t need PCT or a pile of ancillaries and supplements to manage adverse effects.

Product Details:

  • Form: Capsule
  • Serving Size: 4 capsules daily (before first meal)
  • Servings per Container: 30
  • Active Ingredients: Vitamin D3, VitaCholine, MSM, Beetroot extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Shisandra extract
  • Dietary Considerations: Organic
  • Third-party Tested: Yes

Best for Muscle Gain: Brutal Force Ironbound SARM Stack (Bulking Stack)

Brutal Force Ironbound Stack (Bulking Stack)

Why I Like It: The Ironbound stack combines the best of every SARM into a bulking stack focused on achieving maximum muscle gains.

It’s Worth Noting: Using the stack together in one cycle can have you taking up to 12 capsules each day.

The Ironbound Stack takes Brutal Force’s four premier bulking SARM alternatives and combines them into a powerhouse muscle growth cycle that covers every single aspect of bulking that we could want: gains, fat loss, muscle fullness, vascularity, pumps, strength, the list goes on. You get Ostabulk, Ykbulk, Ligabulk, and Radbulk in this stack.

Why buy the stack instead of each individual formula? Firstly, it’ll save you a ton of cash. Secondly and most critically, each of these SARM alternatives complements each other. Radbulk will be the primary driver of increasing your metabolism to burn off extra fat while gaining mass. Its muscle hardening and vascularity effects will also contribute to your aesthetics. While all four formulas will contribute to muscle and strength gains, Ostabulk and Ligabulk will add incredible endurance and energy to take any workout to a new level – I regularly break through plateaus and beat PRs. Much of it comes down to those two formulas.

The natural testosterone-boosting effects in this stack do not require you to follow it up with PCT – there’s no suppression to worry about. There are no side effects – no water retention, gyno, acne, high cholesterol, or blood pressure. This allows me to focus 100% on the massive gains I’m making with confidence in knowing that I’ll be able to maintain them post-cycle.

Stack Details:

  • Form: Capsules
  • Stack Contents: Ostabulk, Ligabulk, Radbulk, YKbulk
  • Servings per Stack: 30
  • Dietary Considerations: Organic, vegan
  • Third-party Tested: Yes

Availability of LGD-4033

It is fast and easy in most countries to buy Ligandrol online through a legal loophole. We don’t know if this will ever change, but you can find liquid, powder, and capsule forms of LGD-4033 for sale on countless websites.

Due to the lack of FDA approval, you should always keep in mind that LGD-4033 is never manufactured in approved pharmaceutical facilities. So, while it’s legal for companies to manufacture LGD-4033, there is little oversight on their hygiene and quality control.

What does this mean for you?

It just makes it really important to know who and where you’re buying from. Unfortunately, there are quality control issues that can and do occur either intentionally or unintentionally, such as:

  • Under-dosing
  • Ingredient swapping
  • Addition of useless and/or harmful filler ingredients
  • Dangerous contamination

Not only do low-quality and low-purity Ligandrol products waste your time and money, but they’re very likely to result in disappointing results, side effects you never expected with this SARM, and, in the worst case scenarios, health risks from unhygienic manufacturing practices.

But don’t worry: As long as you stick with well-regarded suppliers, you should be able to find high-quality Ligandrol at reasonable prices.

Most SARM sellers now advertise that their products are third-party tested by labs that can verify the purity of the product. This is not a legal requirement. It does give the supplier increased trust, but as always, your due diligence is required to check who and where this verification was done.

As there would be virtually no legal consequences for falsely advertising a 99.9% verification, you’ll want to know that the claim is legitimate!

LGD-4033 is currently legal to buy for “research purposes,” but as we all know by now, buying SARMs is a straightforward process that anyone can do.

Sellers can offer Ligandrol for sale by marking the product for “research purposes only.” But does this mean you need to be a scientific researcher to buy it? No – although that’s the intention, there is no known enforcement over who is buying and using SARMs currently.

LGD-4033 and all other SARMs are indeed banned by world sporting and anti-doping authorities because they recognize just how powerful the performance-enhancing benefits are.

So, if you’re a competitor who expects to be drug tested, consider LGD-4033 in the same way as you would anabolic steroids and use it with great caution, or avoid it altogether. For non-competitors and hobbyists, LGD-4033 does not (for now) come with legal complications in most countries.

Typical Pricing

Experienced steroid users will often be shocked at just how cheap it is to run a SARM cycle compared to many AAS. Ligandrol is quite a low-cost SARM to buy, even when purchasing from the most reputable and high-quality suppliers.

Running a complete LGD-4033 cycle for less than $70 for 30 days is possible. This will naturally depend on your dose – take a higher dose, you’ll need more Ligandrol.

But a standard 30ml bottle of 10mg/ml concentration provides a month of LGD-4033 at a dosage of 10mg daily (or two months if you only take 5mg daily). These bottles (liquid form) can easily be bought for as low as $60 from suitable suppliers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get close to a perfect SARM, you could do a lot worse than LGD-4033! No, it’s not perfect, but there’s no better choice for a simple, very well-tolerated bulking cycle for both men and women.

LGD-4033 really does provide us with a truly viable alternative to anabolic steroids, provided you’re not looking for outrageously huge AAS-style gains. Make no mistake, though: Ligandrol can transform your body and do it quickly. That’s why I and so many others love a solid 8-week LGD-4033 cycle and always will.

Ligandrol is reliable, and it just works like you want it to. This is a SARM I can recommend for just about anyone getting into the world of PEDs.


— Furious Joe

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