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Turinabol (Tbol) Steroid 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Everything you need to know about Oral Turinabol (Tbol), including its benefits, side effects, cycle information, buying options, and more.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Turinabol is not what we’d call one of the most popular anabolic steroids. You might be wondering whether that’s because it’s not particularly useful or is just a well-kept secret that’s fallen into the shadow of the big names in the AAS world. Find out all this and more in my Turinabol guide below. Let’s dive in!

What is Turinabol?

Turinabol is a testosterone-derived oral steroid with possibly one of the longest chemical names of any anabolic steroid: 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

Turinabol AAS
Turinabol AAS

You don’t have to remember that name, though – it’s usually just called Tbol. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Tbol is a modified version of Dbol (Dianabol).

Dianabol is notorious for its water retention, which comes with huge mass gains, so Turinabol was designed to be similar to Dianabol but without the estrogenic effects that cause water retention and gynecomastia.

I know what you’re thinking:

So I can get ALL the incredible benefits of Dianabol WITHOUT water retention? Why aren’t more people using and talking about Turinabol, then? What’s the catch? Tbol is nowhere near as powerful as Dianabol, and it’s also a little different – but I’ll talk about more throughout this guide.

History and Overview

Turinabol was first developed in the old East Germany and is now notorious for its use among East German athletes at the time. It also had widespread medical use not only with male patients but with women and children – thanks to its reduced androgenic effects, making it one of the few AAS suitable for low-dose use in children for medical purposes.

Turinabol’s widespread use among East German athletes resulted in approximately ten thousand athletes, including Olympic-level pros, using this steroid (often unknowingly) as part of a state-sponsored performance enhancement strategy over two decades.

Once East Germany ceased to exist and Turinabol became known to the rest of the world, it slowly came to the notice of bodybuilders and athletes. Despite this, Tbol has still never gained the level of popularity of many other more well-known anabolic steroids.

Mechanism of Action

With its simple yet powerful modifications to the chemical structure of Dianabol, Turinabol became a steroid that was not aromatizable and one that also has a considerably reduced androgenic rating.

The modification of Tbol’s chemical structure to include a chloro group at carbon four is what differentiates it from Dianabol. It is what resulted in preventing aromatization and reducing its androgenic activity.

Tbol is still a c17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) oral steroid, and its primary mechanisms of action are similar to all anabolic steroids, namely:

  • Tbol increases protein synthesis
  • Boosts nitrogen retention
  • Enhances red blood cell count

Turinabol also acts to reduce Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). By decreasing SHBG, you get an increase in free circulating testosterone. This is particularly useful for improving synergy with other anabolic steroids.

Effects of Turinabol (Benefits)

Despite being a modified form of Dianabol, you won’t find Tbol near the top of the list of mass-gaining steroids. Still, it can work well in lean bulking cycles as well as for maintaining muscle and finishing off for contest prep (or just your next beach vacation).


Perhaps the single most noticeable effect of Tbol is the strength increase it provides. Ranging from moderate to substantial, it’s usually the first and best feature of a Turinabol cycle and often the primary reason we use it.

Muscle Preservation and Muscle Gains

Tbol is an excellent preserver of lean muscle while you’re dieting and cutting, where there’s a risk of falling into a catabolic state. Mild to moderate muscle gains free or any water retention are possible, but these will be at the low end at under 10 lbs on an average cycle.


Lots of users report powerful pumps with Tbol, and they can be of the good and bad variety. Plenty of us find that Tbol gives excellent solid pumps that last all day (see my side effects section below for info on the not-so-nice pumps).

Muscle Definition

Dryness, hardness, and increased vascularity all contribute to the excellent aesthetic effects of Turinabol, making this a great steroid for recomp cycles.

Quicker Recovery

Although not a primary effect, all AAS, including Tbol, will help speed up your recovery, and you should notice decreased muscle soreness after intensive training.

Turinabol Dosing and Administration

Turinabol isn’t a potent steroid, so it can be tempting to want to dive right into a higher dose. But we still need to remember that Tbol can also be quite liver toxic and stressful to cholesterol levels, and that only increases with higher doses.

Men often find that lower doses don’t result in the desired effects, and some only get noticeable effects after pushing the dose to the higher end of the recommended range. In those cases, you need to start considering whether Tbol is the right AAS for what you’re trying to achieve or if there’s something else that you might respond better to.

Here are the basics of dosing your Turinabol:


Clinical use of Turinabol was quite extensive in East Germany after it was developed in the 1960s, and it was found to be well tolerated by men, women, and even children.

Dosing for medical use was generally below 10mg per day for men, with women taking as little as 1mg per day or, in some cases, over 2.5mg. Bodybuilders will use Tbol for different reasons, which will obviously influence your dose.

After extensive research on other user experiences with Tbol, it’s safe to say that we’re all experiencing this steroid in our way, and some guys find that even low doses bring on some unwanted side effects (like gastro issues or cramping).

Put simply, not every AAS is going to work for every individual, and even mild ones like Tbol can trigger unpleasant reactions in a few people. But as a general rule, this is what works for me (relevant to males):

  • At 40mg daily, I feel some significant effects, like excellent pumps and strength gains.
  • At 60mg and up is where you notice a lot more power: bigger pumps (not always good), obviously more strength, and the muscles will harden up (not everyone will handle this dose well, though).

With that in mind, here are my primary recommendations for Tbol doses for beginner through to advanced males, as well as female dosages:


If it’s your first ever Tbol experience, I would start very low at around 20mg daily. Some guys will find this low dose a waste of time while others see notable strength gains – but the idea is to evaluate your response and then increase the dose if you respond well.


Standard doses of 50mg will suit most men and provide all the effects and benefits Tbol offers. Many males won’t feel the need to exceed this dose.


60mg and beyond are what I’d consider advanced Tbol doses. Pumps can become problematic, and at doses of 80-100mg (and even more), you’re likely to find that other AAS are much better suited.


Females wanting to avoid virilizing effects are advised to start at 2.5mg. Despite its low androgenic activity, Tbol can bring on virilization at higher doses. Some women will tolerate and enjoy doses as high as 10mg daily.

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

Tbol’s half-life is about 16 hours. This is relatively long for an oral AAS. Still, it’s an essential factor in planning your dosing schedule because Tbol does have a noticeable effect on workouts – hence why it’s often timed to be taken as a pre-workout compound.

What’s the Best Time to Take Turinabol?

Many will argue the whole dose should be taken pre-workout. This is a viable option if your daily dose isn’t too high (under 50mg or so). Most of us will split it into two administrations each day – morning and evening. So a 60mg daily dose is split into 30mg in the AM and PM, and Tbol isn’t thought to hurt sleep.

Another strategy I see people using is to take advantage of Tbol as a pre-workout AAS in a stack. This means taking a higher dose on your training days while reducing the dose (under 20mg, even for men) on non-training days. This works well when stacking with more powerful AAS, where Tbol is primarily used as a strength boost compound.

How Long Should You Use Turinabol?

Using the pulsing strategy mentioned above is not unusual if you do it for longer cycles. But with regular, consistent daily dosing, I limit my Turinabol cycles to six weeks or eight at the most. It’s a surprisingly harsh AAS on cholesterol for many of us, and this is a good reason to limit its use.

Likely Results

Tbol’s most valuable benefits are those relating to strength, preserving lean muscle, and improving aesthetics (muscle hardening and vascularity).

You should go into using Turinabol with realistic expectations; this isn’t going to give you a Winstrol or Masteron level appearance, and you will need higher doses to get exceptional physique results with Tbol, but with no water retention to worry about Turinabol’s effects will always be aesthetically pleasing. It also won’t give you Dianabol or Trenbolone-like gains. So what CAN you expect to see with Tbol?

  • Mild to moderate slow lean gains in size (around the 5 lbs mark for males).
  • Moderate to high gains in strength, so you’re lifting heavier weights and beating PRs.
  • Enhanced vascularity is one of the best effects of Tbol.
  • You’ll see excellent muscular definition in the quads, pecs, shoulders, and elsewhere if you’re at low body fat.

Tbol stacks well with virtually any injectable steroid (I wouldn’t stack it with another oral), so the above results are just for starters, and your results can be substantially enhanced even on a basic stack with mid to high doses of testosterone.

Turinabol Cycles

Tbol is one of the few steroids that works equally well as a kick-start AAS or one to add to the end of a cycle to finish off and sharpen your physique thanks to its lack of water retention.

Few men will use Tbol as a primary compound though, so we won’t often have first-hand experiences specifically for Turinabol ONLY results. There’s almost always at least one other AAS contributing to the outcome. But anyone with some AAS experience will be able to differentiate what Tbol is doing in a cycle and how it adds (or detracts) from the overall effects of a stack.

Turinabol will often be the primary or only anabolic compound for women, so it’s typically easier to evaluate the precise effects of this steroid.

Turinabol Cycle for Men

Men have a lot to say about Turinabol. This is a love-it-or-hate-it AAS. Those who don’t like it think it’s too weak to bother using, and that’s fair enough. It’s not going to be a Dianabol for bulking, nor is it going to be like Winstrol for cutting or contest prep.

There’s plenty of positive sentiment out there from males who are running Tbol cycles, either as the primary anabolic with a testosterone base (not an overly common choice) or as part of a stack with higher doses of testosterone and other AAS like Trenbolone.

This is what men love about their Turinabol results:

  • Vascularity: Nearly all guys will celebrate the increased vascularity, with many finding veins are more prominent all over the body – as this user states: “across the shoulders, onto the chest, and from my ankles up into the lower abs and obliques.
  • Strength: Guys see a significant boost to strength, with many saying things like it “shot up a ton.”
  • Pumps: “Fantastic pumps,” “Pumps were substantial and lasted throughout the day.
  • Mood: A nice bonus is an enhancement of mood and outlook that many users experience, and is certainly a nice change from roid rage and other negative mood changes we can experience with other AAS

That’s the good stuff.

All anabolic steroids will have guys complaining either about the lack of results they expected or the problematic side effects. With Tbol, we get a bit of both.

Didn’t really put on any mass” is something I’ll hear a lot from guys who don’t understand what Tbol is about. There are FAR better AAS for bulking, and going into a Tbol cycle with the expectation of significant gains will always lead to some disappointment.

  • Cramping is one of the most complained about issues with Turinabol, and I’ve read several guys complaining about heartburn (some severe enough to quit using Tbol).
  • And there can, of course, be some downsides to those incredible pumps. Some are unwanted and painful, as this guy found out: “Ridiculous shin pumps!
  • Lower back pumps are also often complained about, but to be fair, this is something we can see with just about any AAS.

Overall? Turinabol is a very well-received AAS by male users who go in with realistic expectations and a solid understanding of what Tbol is and isn’t capable of.

If you ARE looking for some gains rather than just muscle maintenance and definition, this user comment summarizes the Turinabol experience well: “Gains are dry, slow, and gradual.

As I’ve said, men will always benefit from stacking Tbol and using it as a kick-start or end-of-cycle compound rather than trying to take excessive doses to extract powerful results from an AAS that is one of the mild ones we can use.

Turinabol Cycle for Women

Women don’t use Tbol as often as men or as often as females use a few other anabolic steroids like Anavar (which is typically the number one AAS preferred by women).

But those who DO use it often love it. It’s somewhat of a well-kept secret in the world of women’s performance and the relatively small (but growing) number of females who use AAS regularly.

Results from female Tbol users will be pretty similar to those of men. However, women can potentially see more muscle gains than males because the weaker anabolic strength of Tbol is still going to exert a strong effect on women.

  • Increased lean muscle
  • Fat loss
  • A leaner, fuller look
  • Increased vascularity
  • More strength

The above are results women can expect from Tbol – just how much muscle is gained and fat lost will depend on all the usual factors, but there’s no doubt women are impressed with their results. Some of the positive comments I’m seeing include:

  • It gives me a fuller look.
  • Great strength gains, decent pumps, overall feeling good.”
  • Feel like my workouts are much more productive.”

Negative comments are expected from women taking higher doses, although those on 10mg or less find that they can avoid most or all virilization. Females who have taken higher doses note that Tbol can stop menstruation completely.

Some find that they respond better to Anavar. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and individual response whether a woman will find Anavar or Tbol the better option.

Turinabol vs. Other PEDs

The most obvious AAS I want to compare Turinabol is Dianabol since that’s what Tbol is based on. It’s also worth looking at Anavar vs. Turinabol as they’re both relatively mild orals that give you a lean, dry, and hard physique with minimal to no side effects.

Turinabol vs. Dianabol

Turinabol is much more than just Dianabol, with no estrogenic side effects. Gone, too, are the crazy anabolic effects. Tbol is certainly still anabolic but at a considerably lower level, and as such, it’s used for different purposes than Dbol.

Dianabol AAS
Dianabol AAS

In short, Dianabol is for fast, massive weight gain and often kick starts an off-season bulking cycle. Most gains with Dbol will be lost because most of it is water weight.

Dianabol is rarely going to be a cutting cycle choice, either. Tbol, on the other hand, does work very well in cutting cycles (no water retention, remember?). Tbol can’t match Dianabol in terms of gains. But whatever you do gain will be quality and should be easy to maintain post-cycle.

Turinabol is, of course, the better AAS between these two for aesthetic improvement if you’re looking for definition, hardness, and vascularity. Dianabol’s bloat means it will never be a compound you finish with before a contest.

In summary, Turinabol and Dianabol are two very different oral steroids used for different purposes, even though Tbol is just a slightly modified version of Dianabol.

Turinabol vs. Anavar

Anavar is a DHT-derived oral steroid, putting it in a different category from the testosterone-derived Tbol. While they’re similar in that they can both be excellent for cutting, they will provide unique experiences and results.

Anavar AAS
Anavar AAS

Here are some of the differences between Tbol and Anavar that are worth thinking about:

  • Tbol users are likelier to report painful shin and back pumps (although these are possible on Anavar but tend to be less likely).
  • Turinabol provides a more significant strength boost than Anavar. Just about every user will find Tbol is the better strength-increasing choice.
  • Anavar’s high price can make it not a cost-effective choice for men who want more dramatic results.
  • Most users find Anavar provides better muscle hardness than Tbol – but we need to consider how dose-dependent this effect will be.
  • Tbol is a good kickstarter for a cycle, whereas Anavar will often be used to finish off a stack and harden and dry for a contest.

I like both Anavar and Turinabol, and female users will find these are two of the most tolerable AAS a woman can use.

Stacking Turinabol

Rarely will men use Tbol as the main or only anabolic compound unless it is to enhance a TRT cycle. Turinabol is best used as part of a larger cycle where it can introduce different effects on top of the other AAS – and often, it will be utilized as a kickstarter compound.

Regardless of your stack plans, Turinabol should always be used with a testosterone base for males. With Tbol not aromatizing into estradiol, men will experience crashed estrogen and all the unpleasant symptoms without this base of testosterone. All stacks below, therefore, include a Test base.

Turinabol excels at maintaining lean muscle, making it an excellent addition to cutting cycles as well as for recomp goals. Although it’s not particularly useful for bulking as the main compound, it provides a powerful kick start or finishing off compound on a lean bulking stack, as shown in some examples below.

Turinabol + Testosterone (Bulking/Strength Stack)

Tbol provides a great kickstart to a basic but powerful testosterone blast cycle using a slower ester of testosterone like Enanthate or Cypionate. Tbol’s role in this cycle is to promote strength gains and some muscle gains early on, while testosterone kicks in several weeks into the cycle. Adjust your testosterone dose according to your preferences and goals.


  • Lean gains
  • Strength boost
  • Nice pumps
  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased vascularity and definition
  • Possible fat loss


  • Turinabol: 50mg/day (first 4-6 weeks only)
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 500mg-800mg/week
  • Cycle length: Varies according to how long you want to run testosterone (minimum 16 weeks recommended)

Possible side effects

  • Liver stress
  • Cholesterol
  • Lower back pumps
  • Cramps
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • Shin and lower back pumps


This can be a lean bulking cycle where water retention should be easily controlled. Gains of 15 lbs are more than possible, and Tbol is going to amplify the already excellent gains in strength that testosterone always provides.


If using Testosterone Enanthate, start PCT two weeks after your final injection.

  • Enclomiphene: five weeks at 25mg/day, one week at 12.5mg/day

Turinabol + Trenbolone + Testosterone (Bulking/Recomp Stack)

This cycle uses Turinabol at the higher dose only on gym days and at a very low dose of 10mg on rest days. Trenbolone and testosterone do the heavy lifting here, but Tbol will boost strength and help power those workouts.


  • Lean gains (20lbs or more)
  • Huge strength
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle hardness and definition
  • Fast recovery


  • Turinabol: 30mg on gym days, 10mg on rest days
  • Trenbolone: 350mg/week
  • Testosterone: 700mg/week
  • Cycle length: 10 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone shutdown
  • Liver toxicity
  • Cramping
  • Lower back and shin pumps
  • Cholesterol and cardiovascular stress
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Trenbolone-related mental side effects, excess sweating, and insomnia


Tbol will add a noticeable boost to your training, being essentially used as a pre-workout compound. It will amplify the aesthetic effects of Trenbolone (even better vascularity and definition) while, at the same time, you’ll be bulking up and losing fat. This is an advanced cycle for users who have already experienced Trenbolone’s harsh side effects.


As Trenbolone can linger in your system for months or even years, PCT will not necessarily restore normal testosterone function. Cruising on TRT doses of testosterone is often needed after using Trenbolone instead of a regular PCT.

Turinabol + Deca-Durabolin + Testosterone (Recomp/Lean Bulk Stack)

Tbol is used here to finish off the cycle and potentially as a contest prep to dry out your physique after the steady, quality gains made with Deca, which comes with the significant benefit of making your joints feel great.


  • Muscle gains (15lbs or more)
  • Joint support
  • Enhanced definition, vascularity, and hardness
  • Fast recovery
  • Great pumps


  • Turinabol: 50mg/day (Last six weeks only)
  • Deca: 300mg/week
  • Testosterone: 200mg/week
  • Cycle length: 20 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Lower back pumps
  • Cramping
  • Some water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Hair loss, acne
  • Liver toxicity


Gains of 15-20lbs on this moderate Deca dose are realistic. Tbol will help maintain those gains while reducing water during the final weeks of the cycle. Joints will feel fantastic, and combined with the significant strength increase, you’ll find smashing through PRs more comfortable with less risk of joint pain or injury.


Deca can leave lasting metabolites in your system, resulting in ongoing testosterone suppression that regular PCT may not restore. Long-term TRT or cruising is recommended after using Deca. PCT can still be attempted using a high dose of Clomid at 100mg for two weeks, then 50mg for two weeks.

Turinabol PCT

All men will want to run post-cycle therapy to avoid the inevitable symptoms of low or crashed testosterone after a Turinabol cycle. Turinabol’s short half-life means you can start PCT the day after your last dose.

However, most of us will be running Tbol as part of a cycle/stack that includes other suppressive AAS. This could be higher dose testosterone or more potent steroids like Trenbolone. In those cases, you will need to plan your PCT according to the requirements of the additional AAS.

Typically, I will use Enclomiphene as my primary PCT SERM, with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) as a secondary or additional SERM if needed. It’s vital to know how to run your PCT properly, so make sure you check out my full PCT guide here.

Turinabol Side Effects

Turinabol is a remarkably side-effect-friendly steroid. But this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because the original purpose of creating Tbol was to reduce as much as possible the harsh estrogenic side effects of Dianabol.

The main reason Tbol is mild in its side effects (similar to Primobolan and Anavar) is thanks to the disparity between its androgenic and anabolic effects and the lack of aromatization into estrogen. That doesn’t mean Turinabol is not without its side effect risks, though. Below, I’ll outline the main categories of side effects and how they relate to Tbol.

Testosterone Suppression

Despite its mildness, Tbol will always cause testosterone suppression, and PCT is required after using this steroid. A common mistake is thinking that low libido, depression, and low energy are caused by low testosterone when using Tbol. In fact, the likely cause is low estradiol due to the lack of aromatization – which is why we (men) always use a testosterone base with Turinabol.


As I’ve mentioned, one of the best aspects of Tbol is its lack of estrogen conversion (but a prime reason men always need a testosterone base). This is an area that sets Turinabol apart from Dianabol, which it’s based on, and it means you won’t be dealing with gynecomastia, water retention, or fluid-related blood pressure.


Tbol has such a low androgenic activity that men can usually use it in low and moderate doses without any androgenic side effects. But for men extra sensitive to androgenic side effects due to their genetics, you won’t get away without an acne flare-up or some hair shedding.

Females taking doses above the recommended range can experience virilization as a result of Tbol’s androgenic activity.


Tbol will negatively affect your liver enzymes, and I recommend taking liver support when using it (as I do with all oral AAS). TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) and milk thistle are two common choices.

Elevated liver enzymes (determined through your bloodwork) should be temporary and return to normal if you take an adequate break between cycles of any c17-aa steroids.


Tbol can be surprisingly strong on your cholesterol. Some users who do bloodwork find some drastic cholesterol changes, while others are virtually untouched. Diet will play a role, as will dosage, but the only way to truly know what Tbol is doing to your lipids is to undertake that important, regular bloodwork.


Some users will suffer from severe cramping, but others will have zero issues with cramps. This is also dosage-related and can compel you to decrease the dose. Increasing your intake (or supplementing) of foods rich in potassium and magnesium can go a long way to reducing muscle cramps.

Lower Back and Shin Pumps

Painful pumps are not often discussed in advance. Still, once you experience repeated and often excruciating shin and/or lower back pumps, you begin to understand how debilitating these side effects can be. The worst shin pumps can make walking difficult for a while. Many oral steroids will cause painful pumps, and some users find relief by supplementing with magnesium and taurine.


Although women will typically choose other steroids like Anavar ahead of Tbol, the little that we know about Tbol’s androgenic activity is that it is low. Females can use Turinabol at low doses with a relatively low risk of virilization. The main virilizing effects women can experience with high doses or long-term use of Turinabol include:

  • Hoarse or deeper voice
  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Menstrual cycle changes or cessation
  • Body and facial hair growth

At doses at or above 10mg per day, these risks increase, with a changing of the voice often being the first sign. Stopping Tbol at that point can usually reverse the symptoms, but ongoing use will put you at risk of potentially irreversible changes.

Where to Buy Turinabol?

Turinabol is not the most common steroid around. But if you’re determined to use it, finding it online is not overly difficult. As you’ll see, we have limited options in purchasing this AAS, so you’ll need to be extra vigilant to ensure you’re getting good quality and accurately dosed Tbol products.

Availability of Turinabol

This is one steroid that has no pharmaceutical manufacturing anywhere in the world. Therefore, you’re not going to find any legitimate pharmaceutical-grade Tbol to buy because there’s no such thing.

What if you come across a Turinabol being sold as pharmaceutical quality? This is a huge red flag, and you can be sure you’re dealing with a deceptive supplier that you wouldn’t want to send a single dollar (let alone risk ingesting their steroids).

This is one of the notorious problems with Turinabol: Fake Tbol is quite widespread, and with this being a more expensive steroid than something like Winstrol, it’s not unheard of for Tbol tablets to be Winstrol. This will bring about a different set of side effects, and anyone experienced with Winny will usually be able to tell they’ve bought bunk Tbol (joint issues will be a telltale sign).

With thousands of underground labs operating worldwide, you will find Turinabol relatively easy to find but of varying quality. So how do you find legit Tbol? Good old-fashioned word of mouth and sticking with suppliers who have built a reputation for consistent quality.

Turinabol exists in the same category as all other anabolic steroids, making it a prohibited substance for personal possession and use in the United States. The US has some of the strictest laws in the world for anabolic steroid possession, sale, and use.

Many other countries do not have such stringent laws; plenty of countries legally permit the use and even the open sale of Turinabol. Thailand is one such location, and it’s quite common for people to travel to countries like Thailand, where steroids are more readily available for purchase. However, traveling back to the United States with any anabolic steroids bought overseas is not legal.

Turinabol is, like all AAS, prohibited for use in professional sports and competitions worldwide where anti-doping regulations apply.

Typical Pricing

With Tbol only being available from underground labs and on the black market, you will see a diverse range of pricing. The mistake is easily made to assume that higher priced Tbol is the better product. But this is by no means true. Remember that any supplier can market their Tbol as top quality but deliver something that is far from it!

So, what should you be expecting to pay for Turinabol? Per 10mg tablet, prices can range anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50 per tablet. Turinabol is often called an expensive AAS, but compare this to Anavar, where you can be paying two or even three times more than this per tablet, and most of us will find that a Turinabol cycle is going to be more affordable than Anavar.

Final Thoughts

So once you get over the fact that Tbol isn’t just a weaker version of Dianabol without water retention and that it is quite a mild steroid in its anabolic effects, the question remains: Is Turinabol worth using at all? It depends.

Are you looking for fast, huge gains? Then Tbol is not for you. If slower, steady, dry lean gains with significant strength gains and enhanced aesthetics are up your alley, then Turinabol is worth a look.

This steroid doesn’t stress the body too much and is an easier AAS. I consider this a bit of a niche AAS and one that I don’t turn to often, but when I do use it, I’m always pleased with the results (make sure you get the real deal when buying Tbol).


— Furious Joe

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