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Testosterone Propionate 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Discover all there is to know about Testosterone Propionate, including its benefits and side effects, cycle and stacking info, buying options, and tons more.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Not all testosterone steroids make you wait weeks for results to kick in. If you want a fast-acting injectable testosterone AAS, look no further than Testosterone Propionate.

But this AAS is not for everyone. If you’re a novice steroid user, it can be tempting to choose Testosterone Propionate as your preferred first testosterone steroid – but there are some downsides to consider first seriously.

There’s a lot to learn about Testosterone Propionate, so make sure you keep reading, and you’ll discover some of the best stacks, dosage suggestions, side effects to prepare for, and tons more. Let’s get into it!

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate is a testosterone ester that some people love, while plenty of others will never see the need to use it.

Testosterone AAS
Testosterone Propionate AAS

It’s undoubtedly the most interesting of the injectable testosterone esters, in my opinion, and one that, in some cases, can have an edge over the much more commonly used and longer-lasting testosterone esters of Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate.

History and Overview

Testosterone Propionate was the very first testosterone ester to be created. Back in the 1930s, this was quite a revolutionary development. Still, as time went on (nearly 20 years), scientists were able to develop slower-release esters, which eliminated the need for the very frequent injections needed for the short half-life of Test Prop.

Despite that, Testosterone Propionate remains very much used today in bodybuilding. In the US, it still has FDA approval. Still, Testosterone Propionate is no longer prescribed or used medically, as the discomfort and inconvenience of such frequent injections are not favorable to TRT and other medical patients.

Testoviron was the first brand name used for Testosterone Prop; today, that brand is also used for Testosterone Enanthate.

As you will see later in this guide, the lack of pharmaceutical manufacturing today in the US means that Test Propionate is one of few testosterone steroids that can not be purchased as a human-grade pharmaceutical quality product.

Mechanism of Action

Testosterone Prop is an unmodified synthesized form of the natural testosterone hormone, with the propionate ester attached to control the rate of release into your body after injecting a dose.

Testosterone has countless functions in the body, covering both anabolic and androgenic activity. It is, after all, the hormone that gives males the characteristics we recognize as distinctly male.

But what most concerns us as bodybuilders are the mechanisms of action that lead to what we all aspire to muscle gains, more strength, fat loss, and overall physique enhancement.

A primary muscle-building activity that testosterone increases is that of protein synthesis. Many studies have proven testosterone’s role in increasing protein synthesis and thereby increasing lean muscle mass[1]. We also know that testosterone acts as an anti-catabolic hormone to prevent muscle loss[2].

The androgen receptors that testosterone interacts with are responsible for the physiological effects of this hormone. But as we find out, when using higher doses of Testosterone Propionate, this androgen receptor interaction can also lead to some less-than-desirable effects as well.

Effects of Testosterone Propionate (Benefits)

You will get to enjoy all the benefits of testosterone when using Testosterone Propionate, and this is the case with any ester of testosterone. The main difference with Testosterone Propionate is this: You will see these effects developing MUCH quicker than with other esterified testosterone steroids. This can usually eliminate the need to use another kickstart AAS in your cycle – although this will depend on your specific goals.

Now let’s look at the primary benefits and effects of Testosterone Propionate:

Lean Muscle Gains

Increased protein synthesis leads to increased lean mass gains, which is the most potent effect of Testosterone Propionate for any bodybuilder. Testosterone Propionate will provide faster gains than most other forms of testosterone simply because it detaches from the ester very quickly and begins getting to work to stimulate protein synthesis.

Increased Strength

Whether it’s while you’re bulking and pushing through PRs or if you’re cutting and need every bit of strength you can get while dieting; Testosterone Propionate provides noticeable improvements in strength. Although not as prominent as with more potent steroids, your strength will be well beyond what is felt naturally.

Quicker Recovery

Increased red blood cell production carries more oxygen through the blood and to the muscles, and combined with more protein synthesis; you will see a faster recovery process post-intensive exercise. This can have you back in the gym, working the same muscle groups with minimal downtime.

Fat Loss

Testosterone Propionate won’t provide you with the fat loss effects of other AAS or fat burner compounds, but it is often used in cutting cycles. Merely the process of adding more lean muscle while using Testosterone Propionate is going to contribute to body fat loss over time.

Some of the bonus benefits of Testosterone Propionate include:

  • Increased bone density
  • Improved joint strength
  • Enhanced mood and confidence
  • Better mental focus and motivation
  • Higher libido

Testosterone Propionate Dosing and Administration

To use Testosterone Propionate effectively, you have to inject it more often than the most popular slower-acting esters (cypionate and enanthate). This can be a big adjustment to make if you’ve only used either of those esters previously or if you’re brand new to steroids and are nervous about injecting.


Testosterone is one steroid that all male users – even brand-new ones – can tolerate very well at the higher end of the performance dosage range. But that doesn’t mean you need to start using Testosterone Propionate at the max level. Fantastic results can be achieved at lower doses; some men will never see the need to take more than a moderate dose of Test Prop.

Here’s a general guide to Test Propionate bodybuilding doses for different experience levels:


300mg to 500mg per week (broken up into once-every-other-day injections) will provide a very manageable dosage for beginners. There is hardly a better introduction to using AAS than this, and side effects will be minimal or non-existent.


With more experience comes the ability to increase your Testosterone Propionate dosage; at this level, taking at least 600mg per week is typical. Many will debate that returns begin to diminish after this point, but it’s still very common to try and get more out of a testosterone cycle by boosting the dose to 800mg per week.


At the highest level, doses of 1000mg are more common than you might think. Some guys will find that gains aren’t better at this dose even compared to 600mg, but others find value in these higher doses, and some will go up to 2000mg or higher – however, you’d want a good reason to do so.

Testosterone Propionate is an ideal ester for experimenting with these higher doses because you’ll get quick feedback on the effects. You can decrease or increase the dose according to how you respond.


Many men will self-prescribe and self-administer TRT after getting a diagnosis of a low testosterone condition. So, getting the proper TRT doses in these circumstances can be a process of trial and refinement – adjusting the dosage up or down and monitoring your T levels through regular testing.

Some men will do TRT at doses as low as 50mg per week. Others will need 200mg/week to get levels within the normal range.

Men who are on TRT for health reasons will typically remain on it for life; stopping TRT will place you back at the low level of testosterone you were previously at and all the associated symptoms.

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

The exact half-life of Testosterone Propionate is debatable, but it’s generally accepted to be somewhere between 1 and 3 days. This makes it a short-acting ester of testosterone compared to the more commonly used Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate, which both have a half-life of around one week.

This means Testosterone Propionate requires very frequent injections to maintain your desired levels of testosterone. Bodybuilders will typically inject Testosterone Propionate either:

  • Once daily
  • Once every other day

While frequent injecting is not enjoyable for most of us, on the upside, you inject a lower volume each time as you’re breaking up your weekly dose into much smaller portions. This can make it more appealing to those of us who don’t enjoy injecting because it’s MUCH less daunting to inject half or one-third of what you might do with Enanthate/Cypionate.

This ester is typically used in more specialized situations where you want or need to be closely and constantly keep your levels optimized. The frequency of injecting Testosterone Prop allows you to do this more accurately than with Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate.

Then there’s this: With its fast-acting effects, we can run relatively short cycles with Testosterone Propionate and still get its maximum benefits – but ideally, this would only be on a blast and cruise strategy because testosterone is not a steroid that will deliver insane results within short periods like Dianabol can.

There is no ideal cycle length when using Testosterone Propionate because it’s going to depend on what you’re trying to achieve.


This will be an indefinite use if it’s for medical TRT. If Testosterone Propionate is used as a testosterone base when using other AAS, your other compounds will determine your cycle length.

Then there’s the use of Testosterone Propionate as a primary anabolic compound. If you’re cruising with it at a low dose, this could continue for three months or more. A higher dose of Testosterone Propionate can run for as long as any other testosterone cycle if you choose to – 12 weeks, 16 weeks, or longer. But with Test Prop working so fast, you could, in theory, also get away with a shorter cycle of 8 weeks (although it’s rarely ideal).

Another use for Testosterone Propionate, which would limit the length of its use, is to kick off a cycle that contains a slower-acting steroid – in this case, you’d stop using Test prop once the other AAS kicks in at the 2-4 week mark, or lower the dose and continue using it as a testosterone base.

Best Testosterone Ester for Cutting

It’s very easy to assume that every testosterone ester will give you the same results in a cutting cycle. After all, all testosterone steroids are the same synthetic version of testosterone with a different ester attached, only differing in their rate of release.

But in my experience and that of many other bodybuilders, it DOES make a difference to a cutting cycle, at least which testosterone ester you use. And the one that’s widely regarded as the best testosterone ester for cutting? Testosterone Propionate.

Testosterone Prop is known to cause less water retention than other esters, and when you’re cutting, even a small reduction in fluid retention is going to be desirable. When I say it’s “known” to cause less bloat or water retention, you WILL find people who deny or doubt this.

It’s something you either find or don’t find happening with personal experience. Still, there are more than enough anecdotal experiences out there of people seeing less fluid retention when using Testosterone Propionate compared to longer esters.

Another reason Testosterone Propionate is the best for cutting (for competitors) is that you can keep using it much closer to the contest date because it’s going to clear your system faster and still allow time to remove any signs of water weight in the final couple of weeks before a contest.

Then there’s this:

The half-life of Testosterone Propionate is closer to the cutting steroids we most often use: Masteron, Winstrol, and Anavar.

Cutting cycles can be relatively short, and using a slow ester like Enanthate is not going to cut it (excuse the pun) much of the time – for hardcore cutting and competition prep, you want to be fine-tuning your doses, and Test Prop is the best ester of testosterone to allow you to do this.

Testosterone Propionate Cycles

You will find that Testosterone Propionate is incredibly versatile, and like all testosterone esters, you can use it in just about any steroid cycle.

Men will blast and cruise with Testosterone Propionate or run it solely for TRT purposes. Others will use it as a testosterone base, and then there’s taking advantage of its full benefits and effects in bulking, cutting, or recomp cycles.

Author Note: I’m currently using Testo-Max by Crazy Bulk. It’s an ideal swap for your risk-laden Testosterone Propionate. The stuff truly works!

Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Men

A Testosterone Propionate cycle for men will very often include other AAS: NPP or Trenbolone are commonly stacked compounds, as are some of the best cutting steroids like Winstrol or Anavar.

Put simply, this means:

Results you can expect from a Test Prop cycle will be shaped by what you’re aiming for – this steroid will help you retain muscle if you’re dieting for contest prep or other cutting goals.

Men can expect to see muscle gains ranging from moderate (if on a low dose or while cutting) to the more extreme end, where a high dose cycle can have you gaining 15-20lbs with water retention being relatively easy to control, and the gains should be well maintainable after your cycle.

What men will complain about concerning a Testosterone Propionate cycle is not surprising:

  • The very frequent and sometimes painful injections can be a burden.
  • Although water retention is often reduced with this ester, it can still cause issues for some of us at higher doses.
  • The not unexpected androgenic side effect of hair loss for any men who lost the genetic lottery (but there’s little excuse for not mitigating this side effect with our options today).

Another pitfall I must mention is that we need to buy Testosterone Propionate from underground lab sources. With the quality varying, there can be less consistency in using Testosterone Propionate compared with the esters available as human pharmaceutical grade.

Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Women

Testosterone Propionate is a steroid that few women will choose to use because of the intense virilizing effects that testosterone will cause in women, even at very low doses. However, where a female does wish to use testosterone, Testosterone Propionate is the best option.

The reason is simple:

Testosterone Propionate will exit your body quickly. So if those unwanted virilizing side effects start to appear and you want them gone, stop using the steroid, and the symptoms will recede within days.

A short cycle at 10mg per week can still risk a female developing masculine traits – but some women will take 20mg per week and rarely more than that. Results to expect on this type of cycle include lean muscle gains, fat loss, and incredible strength. Female powerlifters may use Testosterone Propionate primarily for the strength boost.

Any user reviews from females on Testosterone Propionate will speak highly of how much muscle gain can be gained – the better your diet and training, the larger the gains will be – however, there will still be a limit within the female body.

Negative comments about Testosterone Propionate for females will naturally be concerned with the side effects. A deeper voice, changes to the menstrual cycle, reduction in breast size, and growth of body hair are things that women will be aware of developing.

Keep in mind that these side effects can be alarming and often lead to females reducing their Testosterone Propionate dosage or stopping the cycle.

Testosterone Propionate vs. Other PEDs

We know testosterone is the safest and most well-tolerated AAS for men, but I’d be lying if I said there aren’t other AAS that can be better suited to more specific goals – like more extreme bulking or strength. Let’s look at some other AAS that you might be considering using and how they compare to Testosterone Propionate:

Testosterone Propionate vs. Testosterone Cypionate

While they’re precisely the same steroid once the ester detaches, user experience can be a little different between these two testosterone esters when it comes to side effects.

Testosterone AAS
Testosterone Cypionate AAS

You’re not guaranteed to see any difference, but what a lot of us find is that Testosterone Propionate will result in reduced fluid retention and other side effects like mood changes and acne. This is potentially due to the lower volume being administered with each injection and reduced resulting estrogen conversion compared to Testosterone Cypionate.

You’ll have no way of knowing if this is the case for you – unless you try both Test Prop and Test Cyp separately. I recommend doing just that to determine which one you enjoy using more. For serious cutting or contest prep cycles, even a slight reduction in water retention is going to be strongly welcomed.

If you don’t want to inject every day (or at least every other day), Testosterone Cypionate will be your go-to ester between these two options.

Testosterone Propionate vs. NPP

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone) is similar to testosterone in many ways in regard to its effects. Still, the NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) form of Deca and its shorter half-life are more comparable to Testosterone Propionate.


Usually, NPP is injected every other day, and one of the reasons people choose it over the slower-acting Deca is that some users find there are negative mental side effects; NPP will clear your system faster, and these side effects will subside far quicker than a slower acting ester.

Both are excellent for muscle gains, but NPP is going to give you more significant gains and quicker than Testosterone Propionate.

  • Nandrolone is a powerlifter’s friend, and it will provide more strength gains than Test Prop.
  • Notable, NPP has some welcome joint benefits, including joint lubrication, which is not something that Testosterone Prop is known for.
  • While Nandrolone has a reputation for bringing on puffiness and water retention, this is often the result of what it’s being stacked with (high dose testosterone, for example).

Testosterone Propionate will undoubtedly improve your mood better than NPP can – in fact, NPP can have the opposite effect, and those side effects can cause the most issues for some of us. NPP and Testosterone Propionate are frequently stacked, so you get the best of both: see my stack below.

Stacking Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is commonly stacked with other short-ester AAS (oral steroids), including Anavar.

Because it’s a popular testosterone steroid to use for contest preparation, Testosterone Propionate will often be stopped around two weeks before the contest, and the cycle is finished off for maximum dryness and hardness with a steroid like Winstrol.

Needless to say, Testosterone Propionate is more of an advanced ester of testosterone with quite specific uses most of the time. But once you know how to plan cycles around its fast and short-acting effects, you can fine-tune your cycles to very personalized outcomes.

Testosterone Propionate + NPP (Size and Strength Stack)

Nandrolone and Testosterone are the two classic steroids that go back decades. You can’t go wrong with this stack, but you’ll want to watch out for NPP’s adverse mental side effects, which impact everyone differently.


  • Full, pumped physique
  • Steady muscle gains
  • Big strength boost
  • Fast recovery
  • Joint support and pain relief


  • Testosterone Propionate: 500mg/week
  • NPP: 300mg/week
  • Cycle length: 16-20 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Longer-term testosterone suppression
  • Negative thoughts, including anxiety and jealousy
  • Cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Hair loss and acne
  • Water retention
  • Erectile dysfunction


A pumped full look is the appeal of this cycle. Bigger chest and shoulders (those shirts will be tight), and people will notice. Thanks to NPP, a great bonus is how good your joints will feel. If you’re a little older or usually suffer from niggling joint pain, this often disappears completely. Expect gains to be nice and steady, nothing dramatic, but noticeable week on week.


Nandrolone metabolites will stick in your system for months after you stop using it. Cruising on TRT is a common strategy, as getting your testosterone back to your regular base level can be challenging.

Is it worth doing PCT still? Yes, I like to do a standard Nolvadex 4-week PCT, but make sure you get bloodwork done after a few months to check if your levels are coming back.

Testosterone Propionate + Equipoise (Bulking Stack)

In an effective off-season bulking cycle, both these compounds can produce moderate muscle gains without the extremes of Dianabol or Anadrol. Expect more slow and steady gains on this cycle, with EQ being a slower-acting steroid that you can inject once weekly.


  • Steady and consistent muscle gains
  • Increased cardio performance and endurance
  • Increased appetite
  • More strength
  • Fast recovery
  • Improved bone density
  • Vascularity and minimal water retention
  • Nice pumps


  • Equipoise: 600mg/week
  • Testosterone Prop: 600mg/week
  • Cycle length: 20 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Kidney toxicity (Equipoise)
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Hair loss


Testosterone Prop kicks off this cycle early, while the slower Equipoise takes around 4 to 5 weeks to produce noticeable gains. EQ will make it easier to work out longer with its endurance boost. With Test Prop’s tendency to bring on less water retention and Equipoise not being notable for fluid retention issues, your gains will be highlighted by increased vascularity and dryness. Equipoise will also provide a very noticeable boost to your appetite to support the extra calories needed to grow.


With the 14-day half-life of Equipoise, HCG can be used for four weeks at 500iu twice weekly before starting your SERM PCT. Enclomiphene is ideal for six weeks: 25mg/day for five weeks and 12.5mg/day for the final week.

Testosterone Propionate + Anavar (Cutting Stack)

Anavar is a relatively mild steroid and very tolerable in terms of side effects. This cycle focuses on fat loss, while Testosterone Propionate is going to maintain lean muscle and that critical strength you need while on a calorie deficit diet.

Testosterone Propionate will add some fluid, but not as much as other testosterone esters, and on this cycle, we are sticking with a low Test dose. Stopping Testosterone Propionate earlier will allow Anavar to take over and dry out the physique.


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle preservation
  • Strength preservation
  • Dry, vascular, and ripped physique
  • Bigger pumps
  • More stamina


  • Testosterone Propionate: Weeks 1-8: 350mg/week
  • Anavar: Weeks 6-12: 30mg/day
  • Cycle length: 12 weeks

Possible Side Effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Cholesterol increase
  • Liver and kidney stress
  • Lower back pumps


Anavar will offset any water retention caused by testosterone and will dry and harden your physique. Vascularity will be intense, as will muscle hardening. Some lean gains are possible here, but it will depend on just how hard you’re dieting. At a minimum, both these compounds will preserve existing lean muscle very well.


Nolvadex 40mg/day for three weeks, 20mg/day for the 4th week.

Testosterone Propionate PCT

With Testosterone Propionate exiting your body quicker than Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate, your PCT cycle will start much sooner after your cycle ends.

Important note: If you’ve stacked Testosterone Propionate with any other AAS with a longer half-life, you’ll need to adjust your PCT starting time based on their elimination half-life.

If your cycle ends with Testosterone Propionate, post-cycle therapy can begin just two days after your last injection. Without PCT, you WILL suffer debilitating symptoms of low testosterone, thanks to suppressing your endogenous production while on cycle.

We’re fortunate to have a good number of PCT options, with the standard and consistently effective compounds being SERMs and HCG. Exactly what YOUR post-cycle therapy should look like will depend on your cycle, how long it was, and whether or not you use HCG on-cycle.

Increasingly, Enclomiphene is replacing other SERMs like Clomid and Nolvadex for many users, including myself. It tends to be more effective at restoring testosterone function and comes with fewer side effects. A standard 4-week Enclomiphene PCT can look like this:

  • Weeks 1-3: 25mg daily
  • Week 4: 12.5mg daily

Make sure you check out my full guide to PCT.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

Testosterone Propionate can induce all the side effects we expect from any testosterone steroid. These mainly revolve around estrogenic and androgenic activity and are very dose-dependent.

Your cardiovascular system can come under some stress, although rarely to the extent of some of the more potent steroids. The primary Testosterone Propionate side effects to be prepared for are:

Testosterone Suppression

By providing an external source of Testosterone Propionate, you essentially trick your body into believing it has enough testosterone (which it now does, temporarily) and no longer needs to produce its own.

Once you stop using Testosterone Propionate, you then experience a sudden reduction or complete wipe out of testosterone levels – and the symptoms of low testosterone or total shutdown are horrendous for men. PCT ensures your testosterone returns to normal, and it will be essential following a Testosterone Propionate cycle.

Water Retention

Have you heard that Testosterone Prop causes less water retention than other testosterone esters? Those of us with experience with both this and other testosterone esters do often find there’s less fluid retention with Testosterone Propionate, and that’s why it’s a valued testosterone steroid for cutting cycles.

The shorter half-life of Test Prop may result in less estrogen conversion and, thus, less water retention. And the more frequent injections could reduce the spikes in estrogen.

Whatever the reason for reduced water buildup, it’s something you might notice if you’ve previously used larger ester testosterone steroids. Nevertheless, high doses can still give you trouble with fluid retention. The severity can depend on:

  • Dose
  • Your diet (decreasing sodium and simple carbohydrates and increasing water intake can help reduce fluid)
  • Individual response

A diet low in sodium and simple carbs (including processed foods) and ensuring you drink a lot of water can also minimize water retention.


Increased blood pressure can be a concern, and excess water retention will be a cause. So you have another good reason to control fluid retention above and beyond only aesthetic reasons.

Testosterone Propionate at higher doses can cause negative alterations to your cholesterol levels. You’re not likely to notice these side effects even exist unless you’re doing regular bloodwork (which is always highly recommended).


If you’re acne-prone, high doses of Testosterone Propionate can cause breakouts and oily skin thanks to increased sebum production. In the worst cases, this can be severe acne across the back and shoulders that require prescription medication to control.

Hair Loss

If you’re unlucky enough to have male pattern baldness in your family history, then you can find hair thinning and shedding occur with Testosterone Propionate.

Again, higher doses will worsen this, but it’s as much about what you can’t control (your DNA) as what you can (your dose). Because of the conversion to DHT, you can take some suitable preventative measures to reduce hair loss.

Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate?

One of the downsides of Testosterone Propionate is that you won’t be able to purchase it as a US-made pharmaceutical-grade product as we can with other testosterone esters. This means quality can vary.

Test Prop will often cost more than the more commonly used enanthate and cypionate, which you must consider when planning your cycle’s total price.

So, where to buy it? You can buy safe and legal Testosterone Propionate from Crazy Bulk (the best AAS supplier). Give it a try – the stuff truly works!!

Availability of Testosterone Propionate

Unlike other Testosterone esters, Testosterone Propionate is no longer in medical usage in the United States, so there’s no pharmaceutical manufacturing of this steroid in the US. This leaves underground Testosterone Propionate as our primary option. Beware of any underground lab that advertises their Testosterone Propionate as being “US pharmaceutical grade” – as these don’t exist.

Test Prop has a reputation as a more painful injection than other testosterone esters. Still, the leading cause could come down to your source of the steroid: Some UGL versions can cause more pain due to the inclusion of excessive solvents like benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol.

Once again, this is a timely reminder that choosing your steroid supplier carefully is paramount! The good news is that the better underground labs have obviously acknowledged and addressed the injection difficulties with this ester and now use another solvent – ethyl oleate – which eliminates the problem of painful injections.

Testosterone Propionate is still an FDA-approved drug in the United States, but it’s no longer manufactured or used for medical prescriptions. Regardless of this, Test Prop falls under the same laws as all other anabolic steroids in the US: it’s illegal to buy, sell, or possess it, and penalties can apply if you’re caught. Similar laws apply in Australia, where it’s also not legal to use any AAS.

In the UK and Canada, the laws are more relaxed around personal use of Testosterone Propionate and all other anabolic steroids. In those countries, you won’t be prosecuted if you possess Testosterone Propionate for your usage.

It’s a whole new story when it comes to competitions and professional sports. As with all AAS, Testosterone Propionate is prohibited and banned by sporting authorities and anti-doping bodies worldwide. Needless to say, the consequences of testing positive for Testosterone Propionate as a competitive athlete can be severe.

Typical Pricing

Testosterone Propionate is typically priced higher than other esters like Enanthate and Cypionate. We’re at the mercy of underground sellers.

While it’s not a difficult steroid to find and purchase, you’ll want a good supplier because we’re not going to have the advantage of top-quality pharmaceutical grade with this ester. Different manufacturers can also use different carrier oils, so make sure you pay attention if you have a particular preference; this can also influence the pricing.

Testosterone Propionate is mostly commonly sold in 10ml vials at 100mg/ml concentrations, and this can often be found for $50-60 in the United States. Alternatively, you can purchase Test Prop in individual ampules, with a 10-pack of 1ml ampules at 100mg/ml costing under $35.

Final Thoughts

Before considering using Testosterone Propionate, consider it and ask yourself: “Is this the best testosterone ester for my goals?” Creating a solid Testosterone Propionate cycle can take some extra planning and effort. If you’re unwilling to do that, I’d always recommend using the longer-ester versions.

Ultimately, this is what matters: Testosterone Propionate will provide virtually the SAME results as any other testosterone ester. Testosterone Propionate takes some serious dedication to use with the regular pinning required, so you’ll want to be very comfortable with injecting regularly to go with this ester.

Author Note: Click here to check out Testo-Max (Testosterone Propionate alternative). I can’t say enough good stuff about this bad boy. Recommended!


— Furious Joe

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