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Proviron (Mesterolone) Steroid 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Everything you need to know about Proviron (Mesterolone), including its benefits, side effects, cycle information, buying options, and more.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Proviron (Mesterolone) is a very different type of anabolic-androgenic steroid from what we’re typically used to. In fact, Proviron is often not even referred to as a steroid (although technically it is) thanks to its very weak anabolic effects.

If you’re someone who only uses anabolic steroids that are capable of packing on mass, then Mesterolone won’t impress you; it’s just not made to do that. But once we start looking outside bulking cycles, we quickly realize how beneficial Proviron can be, provided you understand how it works and the point of using it!

That’s what I’m here to tell you about in this guide. So, let’s jump into everything you need to know about Proviron!

What is Proviron?

The two main uses of Proviron by bodybuilders are as an add-on AAS to TRT and to enhance the effects of (mainly) cutting steroids where you want even more physique dryness and hardness.

Proviron AAS
Proviron AAS

Proviron a relatively affordable AAS, a quick-acting oral with the benefit of not being liver-toxic. It’s rightly described as a “weak” anabolic. In fact, its anabolic benefits are virtually non-existent. Proviron is very much an androgenic steroid, and as you’ll discover, this comes with some great benefits but also some dreaded downsides (for some of us, at least).

History and Overview

You’re not alone if you’ve read that Proviron was developed and released in the 1930s. A commonly circulated myth is that Mesterolone is one of the very oldest steroids created. However, the truth is a little different… Mesterolone didn’t actually exist until the 1960s. Schering was (and still is, under its new owner, Bayer) the company that introduced it for medical use in 1967.

The confusion around this 30-year difference exists because Schering originally called their Testosterone Propionate product Proviron (later changed to Testoviron). So, while “Proviron” existed in the 1930s, it was, in fact, Testosterone Propionate and not Mesterolone.

The main medical uses of Proviron have been:

  • Male hypogonadism (androgen deficiency)
  • Anemia
  • Delayed puberty in males
  • Male fertility support
  • Testosterone replacement therapy

Mechanism of Action

Proviron is essentially just DHT with an additional methyl group on its chemical structure to make it usable as an oral steroid. In short, Proviron is oral DHT. It is very weak in anabolic terms, so much so that we can hardly call it an anabolic steroid but rather just an androgen. The primary ways that Proviron works include:

  • By strongly binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) – This increases your free or circulating testosterone levels. The result is more Testosterone and greater availability of any other steroids you’re stacking Proviron with.
  • Inhibiting aromatase activity – Proviron will not cause estrogenic side effects thanks to its action of binding to the aromatase enzyme. This makes it act as a mild aromatase inhibitor (but not as strongly as a dedicated AI drug).

It’s also a common mistake to assume that all oral steroids are 17a-alkylated. Proviron is one of few not in this category, containing a C1a methyl group, preventing liver breakdown. Unfortunately, this also means Proviron is less bioavailable orally compared to C17-aa oral steroids.

Effects of Proviron (Benefits)

With Proviron’s lack of anabolic activity (despite its high anabolic rating), this isn’t a compound you’ll ever use for bulking alone. It CAN certainly be used in bulking stacks to introduce additional benefits.

It’s a very misunderstood AAS, especially when people see a steroid that’s useless for gaining muscle and has significant androgenic effects. They often ask, “Why would I bother?” But bear with me here because Proviron has some beneficial effects that make it great for specific cycles and goals. Here are the most notable effects and benefits of Proviron:

Muscle Hardness and Vascularity

Regarding bodybuilding reasons, this will be the primary purpose of using Proviron. Even low doses can provide some great vascularity, and it will build upon any effects you gain with other AAS in the cycle. While overall muscle hardness, pumps, and vascularity won’t be as good as Winstrol or Masteron, Proviron can be used longer without the liver toxicity of the other cutting steroids.

Increased Libido

Almost every male that uses Proviron finds a considerable boost to the libido – sometimes to the point of distraction. Most men love the increased sex drive and find it one of Proviron’s most significant benefits. But I know of a few men who have found it so extreme that they’ve stopped their Proviron cycle earlier than planned.

Estrogen Control

Proviron is popular among TRT users because of its action as an aromatase inhibitor. It can help reverse early signs of gyno instead of using an AI. The downside is that you can crash estradiol levels without careful balancing. Men who have higher than required estradiol levels are the ones who will find this benefit most valuable.

Great Mood

Greater confidence and motivation and an overall “feeling great” mood are widespread experiences with Proviron. Its creator has long known the mood-enhancing effects of Proviron. So much so that a patent was submitted (now expired) that states Proviron has “neuropsychotropic activity” with an interest in using it as a depression treatment.

Male Fertility

As one of its past medical uses, it’s not surprising that Proviron can increase male fertility by enhancing sperm count. Although unlikely to be a reason most of us are using it, it’s a nice bonus benefit that certainly cannot harm.

Proviron Dosing and Administration

Proviron is a steroid that we don’t need to take high doses to experience its primary effects. With most steroids, performance doses will be considerably higher than those used clinically or medically. But with Proviron, we can often get its complete set of benefits even at the lowest medical dosage range.


When used for treating androgen deficiency or male infertility, a starting dose of 75mg daily is usually prescribed (split into 3x25mg daily doses). This dose will then be reduced as time goes on until it reaches 25mg daily as a maintenance dose.

Below is a general guide when dosing your Proviron for bodybuilding and life enhancement use:


25mg daily is a low dose but can still provide noticeable benefits. Men on TRT will often take 25mg every day. This dose can boost confidence, libido, and even a nice vascular improvement. Many men find 25mg/day so tolerable and enjoyable that it’s run all year round.


50mg to 75mg daily will typically result in incredible vascularity. It will also enhance pumps, especially when taken pre-workout. At this level, you’ll likely want to split the dose into at least two administrations daily.


Advanced doses will exceed 100mg/day, extending to 150mg daily. Hardcore users are known to go higher, but it’s very questionable whether there’s any benefit in doing so. If taking a high dose like this, I recommend it as a blasting strategy only – essentially using it for eight weeks or less.


It can be a surprise that females can tolerate Proviron well, given its quite strong androgenic nature. But at low doses, many women can use Proviron with no side effects. Virilization will always be a risk at higher doses, and this usually starts with a hoarse voice. Female doses of 25mg daily will provide similar benefits to men: improved hardness and dryness, possible libido boost, and mood enhancement.

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

Proviron has a short half-life of 12 to 13 hours, as you would expect with an oral AAS. Whether you take it once a day or split the dose is not a huge deal. But because Proviron can provide some excellent workout benefits like pumps, a lot of us will take at least some of the daily dose before a workout:

  • It will be a once-daily administration if you’re on just 25mg/day.
  • Anywhere from 50mg and up, it’s common to split the dose and time one of them as a pre-workout.

With a reduced bioavailability compared to most C17-aa oral steroids (with Proviron not being a C17-aa steroid), some users mix their injection formulas and forego taking Proviron as an oral. This can benefit those who know what they’re doing (and doing it safely), but it’s a risky and advanced strategy that I won’t promote here.

So, how long should you be using Proviron for?

With many AAS, we have a general idea of an ideal cycle length for best results. But with Proviron, there are no typical recommendations, mainly because using it as a TRT add-on is different from someone using it primarily for its libido benefits, and again, that’s different to those of us who want to enhance the hardening effects of other steroids.

Without liver toxicity risks, I’ve been comfortable using Proviron for three months at a time. The challenge with using it for more extended periods is that its effects can decline after some time – this can be after just a few weeks in some cases. I know of guys using it for a year or more continuously. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve and how well you respond to Proviron (and how bad your hair loss is).

Likely Results

To get the most out of Proviron in terms of physique hardness and muscle definition, you should already be lean when you combine it with other AAS. If you’re not lean enough, you won’t be able to notice the benefits – in other words, your body fat needs to be low enough to allow for muscular definition. That’s not unique to Proviron by any means, but it saves you time and money.

But the thing with Proviron is that not everyone even uses it for hardening effects. Some (perhaps a lot) men are using Mesterolone for the feel-good factor – both the mental benefits (feeling more confident and happy, for example) and, of course, the big increase in libido.

Unlike most other AAS, something we can’t do with Proviron is to predict what gains or fat loss results can be expected. You should know the reason for that by now: Proviron is not a bulking steroid; it won’t help you put on muscle at all because its anabolic effects are very weak. It’s also not a fat-loss steroid, although it’s most commonly used in cutting cycles.

This means one thing:

The majority of the physique and performance results you see with Proviron are going to be based on what you’re stacking it with. Proviron will magnify and build upon the androgenicity of other steroids to improve aesthetic results – notably hardness, vascularity, and dryness. You should also notice improved pumps (something too many people forget to mention with Proviron – it can indeed promote lovely pumps in the gym).

Proviron Cycles

There are two main uses of Proviron: as an add-on for men on TRT cycles or for performance users who want to enhance the effects of other steroids being taken.

Proviron Cycle for Men

Men who go in using Proviron with little idea of what it can do and what it should be used for will undoubtedly come away disappointed. Why? Because Proviron is too weak to build muscle and will never work as a standalone bulking compound.

But when men DO understand what role Proviron can play in a cycle and also understand the androgenic risks, there are positive results and favorable things to be said about Proviron. The results that men get with Proviron will mainly depend on what it’s being stacked with.

What about a basic TRT with a Proviron add-on?

Depending on the dose, you can expect increased vascularity and, most of all (and a main reason men use it), an enhanced mood and well-being, plus a big increase in your libido. At performance doses and when stacked with other AAS at higher doses, Proviron will help harden, dry, and vascularize your physique.

Even when using PEDs that cause water retention, Proviron can reduce the fluid somewhat and improve your aesthetics. Guys who use Proviron with fluid retention causing AAS are often very impressed with the results, as this comment summarizes: “Proviron at high dosages kept me looking dry when taken with wet compounds.” The key here is high dosages. This comes with some negatives and is something you’ll mostly want to only run for short cycles.

Male pattern baldness is a worry for men, and for good reason! Hair loss will always cause problems for genetically predisposed men who use Proviron, and most males are well aware of the consequences (not that this makes it less distressing).

Some men who are on TRT and start using Proviron as an add-on are not made aware of the potent androgenic effects, and the rapid loss of hair can come as a shock.

What’s worth highlighting is the short length of time and low doses of Proviron that men will still see hair loss, and this is to be expected when you’re using an active form of DHT as Proviron is. Guys who are already bald or accept this due to using DHT often have no concern with other side effects.

One thing that does pop up relatively often related to mood is that some men complain about irritability or a strange feeling of disassociation while on Proviron. On the subject of mood, a pattern indeed emerges among men. Many will notice that, AT FIRST, Proviron will provide a nice boost to mood and confidence.

But here’s the kicker…

Some guys find that those positive mood effects start becoming negative as the weeks go on. Issues with depression and irritability can develop, and that’s the opposite of what this steroid should be doing to you.

But if you’re lucky enough not to be impacted by hair loss (or just don’t care about it), then you’ll be able to relate to reviews by many men who say they can use Proviron at moderate doses without any side effects.

Even men who get regular blood testing note that nothing changes through the use of Proviron – certainly a welcome change from just about any other steroid we use.

Proviron Cycle for Women

This is one AAS where we can confidently ignore the stated androgenic and anabolic ratings because they do not translate into real-world effects. Case in point: despite Proviron being a very androgenic compound in effect, it has a low androgenic rating. It is very well tolerated by female users who can often use it without side effects.

Just like with men, the most benefit that females get from Proviron concerns aesthetics: if already lean, females find that Proviron adds some nice definition, hardness, and vascularity.

Gained a ton of strength and size” is one very positive review from a female Proviron user. But while gains are possible with Proviron, usually it’s when it’s stacked with another AAS like Anavar that any muscle gains will be seen, even in women who are more responsive to anabolic effects.

I’ve seen a few women wanting to run their first Proviron cycle as an Anavar stack. Still, I STRONGLY recommend running a Proviron cycle only first to isolate any side effects.

An effective strategy that has women achieving incredible muscle definition and vascularity (think pre-contest level) is to run a standard Anavar cycle, then add Proviron into the last three weeks of the cycle at 25mg/day.

Proviron vs. Other PEDs

With Proviron primarily used for hardening and other aesthetic effects and for enhancing these effects when combined with other steroids, it makes sense to compare it with some of the best cutting AAS. Two I want to focus on here are Masteron and Anavar.

Proviron vs. Masteron

Masteron can do almost everything that Proviron does, but more powerfully and mostly just better.

Masteron AAS
Masteron AAS

So why use Proviron instead of Masteron?

  • Masteron can be more expensive than Proviron.
  • Proviron can be safely used for much longer lengths of time than Masteron.
  • Proviron provides most users with a more positive mental benefit.
  • Masteron is often sold under-dosed or faked as Testosterone.

Masteron is definitely more potent in giving you supreme aesthetic effects. If I had to choose one only to get the BEST results, it’d still be Masteron every time despite the abovementioned downsides.

Proviron vs. Anavar

Anavar is a relatively mild oral steroid, although I would say Proviron is considerably milder in most areas.

Anavar AAS
Anavar AAS

You can absolutely use both these steroids and enjoy the benefits of both. But it’s still ideal to compare the differences, and the most important ones to know are:

  • Anavar isn’t the most liver-toxic oral, but it is still more so than Proviron.
  • Anavar can promote some muscle gains and more strength, while Proviron is ineffective for gaining mass.
  • Anavar’s pumps are usually more intense.
  • Proviron will boost your libido and mood more significantly.
  • Anavar is very expensive and often faked.

With the cost and mildness of Anavar making it a steroid not worth taking on its own (unless for females), I’d rarely be choosing between one or the other here. I would combine them into a stack or happily use Anavar or Proviron as a hardening and drying compound to finish a longer cycle with other AAS.

Stacking Proviron

Men can and will add Proviron to just about any steroid cycle. Because Proviron is not a liver-toxic oral, we can stack it with c17-aa steroids with the knowledge that Proviron isn’t going to amplify liver toxicity.

Stacking Proviron with “wet” compounds that cause water retention can help dry you out and promote vascularity. But in any case, Proviron is not a compound we generally build a cycle around but instead is one you will be able to slot into a cycle to enhance the effects of other AAS.

Proviron + Testosterone (Bulking/Strength Stack)

A simple and basic cycle, but one you can’t go wrong with, is adding Proviron to a standard testosterone cycle. Proviron will contribute a boost to the libido, some excellent mood enhancement, and help dry you out and harden the muscles.


  • Muscle gains
  • More strength
  • Higher libido
  • More positive mood and motivation
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased vascularity and muscle hardness


  • Testosterone: 500-800mg/week (according to your goals)
  • Proviron: 50mg/day
  • Cycle length: 16 weeks or longer. Many users find that Proviron’s positive mood effects become more negative as time goes on, so I would choose to add Proviron in for the last 6 to 8 weeks only.

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Negative cholesterol changes


Proviron will improve your mood and libido, help dry out any water retention you might be getting from the Test, increase vascularity, and give you a much more aesthetically pleasing result compared to a testosterone-only cycle.


Enclomiphene for six weeks: 25mg/day for four weeks, 12.5mg/day for the final two weeks.

Dianabol + Proviron + Testosterone (Bulking Stack)

The main goal of combining Proviron with Dianabol is to reduce some of the bloating/water retention that Dbol is famous for. In this sense, we are using Proviron in a bulking cycle, but essentially, it’s a supportive compound and will obviously have no effect on your muscle gains (that’s what Dbol is for).


  • Big muscle and strength gains
  • Reduced water retention with Proviron
  • Positive mental outlook and confidence
  • Improved libido
  • Improved joint strength and bone density
  • Fast recovery
  • Big pumps
  • Muscle fullness


  • Proviron: 50mg/day
  • Dianabol: 30mg/day
  • Testosterone propionate: 150-200mg/week
  • Cycle length: 6 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver toxicity


You won’t get as shredded on this cycle as you typically would when using Proviron. Still, it’s going to help reduce some of that water retention caused by Dbol thanks to Proviron’s anti-estrogenic effects, and that’s the main reason for its addition here. The enhanced mood and libido effects will also be welcome.


Enclomiphene for four weeks: 25mg/day for three weeks, 12.5mg/day for one week.

Proviron + Testosterone + Masteron (Contest Prep Stack)

While Masteron is an even more powerful physique hardener than Proviron, combining the two can really take hardening to an extreme level, making this an excellent stack for contest prep. Masteron will also increase the libido, which can be a serious boost when stacking these two. Both Masteron and Proviron start working quickly, so this can be an effective short cycle and run even shorter as a blast cycle at higher doses if desired.


  • Muscle preservation on a calorie deficit
  • Very hard, dry, and shredded physique
  • Better mood and sense of well-being
  • Higher libido
  • Great vascularity and pumps
  • Possible fat loss


  • Masteron: 300mg/week
  • Proviron: 50mg/day
  • Testosterone: 150-250mg/week
  • Cycle length: 8 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Hair loss and acne
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Joint pain
  • Uncomfortably high sex drive
  • Low or crashed estrogen


This stack is all about getting very lean, vascular, dry, and hard. Proviron will enhance what Masteron is already very good at doing, and you should also see excellent maintenance of existing muscle and strength if you plan to run a solid calorie-deficit diet. Both compounds improve mood and well-being, so you should feel fantastic (confident and motivated) during this cycle.


Enclomiphene for six weeks: 25mg/day for four weeks, 12.5mg/day for two weeks.

Proviron PCT

Proviron is only minimally suppressive, and many men will find PCT is unnecessary based on the effects of Proviron alone. Some men will actually use Proviron DURING PCT itself instead of aromatase inhibitors. I (and most other men) prefer to use SERMs for PCT and sometimes HCG.

The fact is that performance users will almost always be stacking Proviron with one or more other suppressive steroids, so PCT will need to be planned based on the other compounds you’re using. Both Nolvadex and Clomid are tried and tested PCT SERMs that do the job, but side effects can be an issue.

A newer SERM that has shown to be even more effective at restoring Testosterone (with fewer side effect risks) is Enclomiphene. This is the SERM I use and recommend after most steroid cycles where Proviron is used in a stack.

Proviron Side Effects

Proviron is oral DHT, so you can expect it to be very androgenic. On the upside, it exhibits no estrogenic effects and can act as an anti-estrogenic to help combat gyno.

Proviron is considered a safe AAS, especially in contrast to most other oral steroids, where you might be used to worrying about liver toxicity and adverse effects on the kidneys.

Testosterone Suppression

Proviron is not going to cause considerable issues with testosterone suppression. In fact, men can usually forego any PCT if Proviron is the only compound being used. But few, if any, men will use Proviron on their own. Therefore, suppression will almost always be an issue on a cycle that includes Proviron, necessitating PCT (see my PCT section above for more information).

Low Estrogen

Because Proviron acts as an AI and can prevent the conversion of Testosterone to estrogen, men can suffer from low estrogen symptoms if levels aren’t well controlled. Low libido and fatigue are two possible signs that your estradiol levels are low on Proviron, but blood testing is required to confirm.

Hair Loss

Being DHT, Proviron will have some of the worst effects on your hair of any AAS. So, if you know you’re sensitive to hair loss from experience with other androgenic steroids, or if male pattern baldness runs in your family, then you are sure that Proviron will affect your hair like no other AAS!

Proviron will speed up hair loss if you’re genetically predisposed. Still, if you don’t carry the “baldness gene,” you can typically get away without any hair loss side effects with Proviron.

The bad news for those who suffer from hair loss is that standard treatments like Finasteride won’t work because Proviron is not causing a conversion of Testosterone to DHT – Proviron is DHT itself.


Probably the most severe Proviron side effects concern cardiovascular health. Cholesterol changes can be quite severe for some users, while others won’t see any changes (you will need bloodwork to confirm). HDL will often be lowered, although rarely significantly enough to cause long-term problems. The real risk is when you stack Proviron with other cholesterol-raising steroids, where this side effect worsens.


Proviron causes some users joint discomfort because of lowered estrogen levels. Yet another reason estradiol should be monitored and balanced while you use Proviron.


You’re probably wondering about the liver toxicity risk of Proviron, as it is an oral steroid. Although oral, Proviron is not c-17 alpha alkylated, so we can avoid the hepatotoxic effects that come with c-17aa steroids. Proviron should not cause any stress at all to your liver. This means we can stack it with other orals, which you’d otherwise want to avoid doing with multiple c-17aa steroids.

Women Side Effects

As with any steroid, higher doses and long-term use will result in some level of virilization. Mainly, this will include:

  • A deeper voice
  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Body and face hair growth
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles

Proviron is a potent androgen on paper, yet most women can use it with minimal side effects at low to moderate doses.

Where to Buy Proviron?

It’s not the most popular anabolic androgenic steroid in the world, but you’re not likely to run into any problems buying high-quality oral Proviron reasonably priced.

Availability of Proviron

Proviron is available as a pharmaceutically manufactured drug and on the black market through underground labs. Proviron is just one pharmaceutical brand name that Mesterolone is sold under, although obviously, it’s the most well-known one and the name that most of us use for this drug by default.

Pharma Proviron has never come onto the market in the United States, so American buyers need to look elsewhere to purchase pharmaceutical grade. However, other countries still manufacture and prescribe Proviron pharmaceutically, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

Obviously, the pharmaceutical grade will be the ultimate quality, ensuring you’re getting the best Proviron available. However, if buying pharma-grade Proviron isn’t possible, you can also find it from underground lab suppliers.

Mesterolone isn’t anywhere near as popular as some big names in anabolic steroids, so not all underground labs will manufacture and sell it. The larger labs will usually supply Proviron, and the most well-known and reputable labs should be able to supply a quality product.

The good news is that counterfeits or fakes are not known to be much of a problem with Mesterolone, and it would be very rare for this steroid to be counterfeited or faked.

Even though Proviron is very weak in its anabolic effects, it’s still classed as an anabolic steroid, placing it in the same category as all other steroids, which are Schedule III controlled substances in the United States. This makes it illegal to buy, sell, possess, or use Proviron, even for personal use.

Australia has very similar strict laws, and Proviron is not legal for personal use in that country either. The UK, Canada, and many other countries are significantly more lenient and allow personal use of Proviron.

This steroid is prohibited as a performance-enhancing substance by world anti-doping authorities, so any positive drug tests on athletes found to have been using Proviron can (and has) result in suspension or even a lifetime ban.

Typical Pricing

With its widespread availability worldwide, Mesterolone is not a particularly expensive steroid.

I have read several comments and reviews dating back many years where some users would complain that Proviron is expensive. Residents can find it more costly because it isn’t sold pharmaceutically in the US or Canada.

However, nowadays, it’s a relatively affordable steroid to buy in most other countries, whether you’re purchasing genuine pharma grade or from a reliable underground lab.

Pharma-grade Mesterolone will typically cost more than underground lab products. The most common tablet dosage is 25mg; depending on the pharmaceutical brand, these can be found for around $0.75 per tablet. These 25mg tablets are found in underground labs for around $0.50 each.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth losing your hair to use Proviron? That’s the question that men with a genetic predisposition to male pattern baldness will ask. Men who see Proviron’s benefits will often accept that potential baldness is the consequence. Apart from hair loss, the only risk we need to worry about is that of cholesterol, but this is relatively easy to manage and mitigate.

Proviron isn’t going to dry you out to the extent that something like Masteron does. Still, it’s also one of the safest AAS to use, and even when used as the sole hardening agent, it can result in a fabulous aesthetic look and can do so very quickly.

Yes, the potent libido boost is also tremendous, and Proviron is an excellent “happy steroid” that you’ll feel good on. While it’s not my favorite AAS by any means, it has its place in a cycle for me. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and boosts any other roids you use.


— Furious Joe

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