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Primobolan Depot (Methenolone) 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Discover the benefits and side effects of using Primobolan (Methenolone), including dosing and cycle recommendations, stacking info, and buying options.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

As far as anabolic steroids go, Primobolan would be near the top of the list of the safest steroids to use (after Testosterone). You absolutely can use Primobolan without any noticeable side effects – something I wouldn’t be able to say about any other AAS.

That doesn’t mean Primobolan is for everyone, though. It’s not a steroid you can pick up cheap to run for a few weeks to see if you like it. But for those with the funds, time, and commitment, Primobolan will likely become one of your favorite AAS, just as it has for me!

Want to find out more about Primo? Let’s get into it!

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan (Methenolone) is another in a long line of exceptional dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroids.

Primobolan AAS
Primobolan AAS

Primo” is available as both an injectable and oral steroid. But as I’ll detail later, the choice between which form to take comes down to more than just your preference for swallowing a tablet or injecting.

Methenolone will not be the most potent steroid you’re likely to use. Still, it sure does have some incredible benefits, and combined with a remarkable lack of side effects, this steroid has long been a favorite for many seasoned steroid users – both males and females.

History and Overview

Primobolan is one of few anabolic steroids created in injectable and oral forms, resulting in two different names you will find being sold:

  • Metenolone acetate (Primobolan oral)
  • Metenolone enanthate (Primobolan Depot injectable)
  • An older and discontinued brand name that was used is Nibal and Nibal Depot.

The primary medical use of Primobolan has been for treating anemia and muscle-wasting diseases since the 1960s when it was first developed. However, it is rarely used in most countries today, and this steroid isn’t manufactured in the US at all.

As you’ll soon discover about Primobolan (and something I like to mention regularly), this is known as a very safe AAS. So much so that it has been used successfully and without complications in children and premature babies to promote weight gain.

Then there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Primobolan was known to be one of his favorite anabolic steroids. Just as it was a popular golden-era steroid, Primobolan retains its popularity today as a brilliant and versatile compound for which we can find multiple uses.

Mechanism of Action

Primobolan is a DHT-derived steroid, putting it in the same category as revered AAS like Masteron, Winstrol, and Anavar. This means Primo retains many of the properties and actions of DHT itself, namely that there is no estrogen aromatization activity – eliminating the risk of water retention and gyno. In fact, Primo is often used to control and balance estrogen levels when using aromatizing steroids.

Although injectable Primo is the more popular form, it’s worth noting that oral Primobolan is not a c17-alpha alkylated steroid, so it doesn’t carry the same liver toxicity risks as many other orals.

Primobolan excels in its activity concerning nitrogen retention, which contributes to its prized anti-catabolic effects, making it valuable for preserving muscle during cutting cycles.

Primo will also have some weaker activity (compared to other AAS) in the following functions:

  • Increasing red blood cell count
  • Increasing protein synthesis
  • Promoting direct lipolysis
  • Immune system enhancements

Effects of Primobolan (Benefits)

Primobolan has exceptional benefits for both the cutting and lean bulking user. It’s not an AAS we’ll ever use for fast, massive gains, but one that will provide noticeable physique enhancement over a more extended period.

Muscle Gains

Far from the most potent muscle builder AAS, Primo still has its place in a lean bulking cycle, but your gains will be slow and steady with Primobolan. Primo is no Dianabol, so don’t expect huge or rapid gains; what you get are clean gains without water retention, and with its mild side effect profile, Primo has become a popular choice in recomp stacks instead of the harsh Trenbolone.

Physique Enhancement

Muscle fullness and roundness, with a noticeably dry and hard physique with moderately enhanced vascularity, is what you can expect at doses of 600mg or more (sometimes even lower). While Primo isn’t as good as Winstrol or Masteron at drying you out and chiseling your body for a contest, its less extreme results are still very noticeable for the user who’s already at a relatively low body fat percentage (under 15% is ideal).


Primo can provide a moderate strength increase. Again, this won’t come on overnight, but for the patient user, the reward will be steady and reliable gains in strength as your cycle progresses. Women will tend to see more significant strength gains than men simply because females will always be more responsive to the effects of steroids.

Improved Mood

Many users report an improved mood and mental outlook when using Primo, including increased confidence and motivation.


Because Primobolan will lower estrogen, it can replace an AI in many cycles and helps reduce or prevent estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia when using aromatizing steroids such as Testosterone. To take full advantage of this activity, it’s ideal to take a ratio of at least 1:1 of Primo to Testosterone or a slightly higher dose of Test.

Primobolan Dosing and Administration

With Primo being available as both an oral steroid and an injectable, you must ask yourself which method you prefer. If you’ve never injected before, then you’ll be tempted by oral Primo, but there are three good reasons to go with injectable Primobolan:

  • Injectable Primo has higher bioavailability than oral.
  • Due to the lower oral bioavailability and high cost of Primobolan, you’ll be wasting a ton of money with a lot of the steroid not being used by your body.
  • Oral Primo tablets often come in 25mg, meaning each dose requires you to swallow many tablets.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I exclusively prefer injectable Primobolan and recommend it as the best way to go for male users. Females taking very low doses of Primo are perhaps the only scenario where it makes sense to use orals.


Medical use in males can be up to 200mg weekly, depending on the treated condition. As little as just 200mg per month has been administered, resulting in a steroid with virtually no side effects for patients at these doses. Here’s a simple guide to dosing for beginner to advanced users, as well as female Primo users:


Very low doses of Primo won’t have you gaining much or any mass at all, but that’s not likely to be your goal if you’re starting at a low dose. 250mg/week can add some vascularity and provide a gentle introduction to Primobolan.


For noticeable mass gains (but again, still moderate as this is not a powerful bulking steroid), you’ll want to hit 400mg/week of real Primobolan. This will only start getting you into the muscle-gaining territory. Typically, it will be stacked with Testosterone to enhance gains if you’re on a lean bulking cycle at this dose.


Advanced users will take 600mg to 800mg of Primo weekly. Higher doses are helpful for blasting, and despite what does look like a very high dose, many users find that it’s still remarkably side-effect-free at this level. I wouldn’t recommend anything higher than 800mg, especially considering that you’ll want to run an equal or higher dose of Testosterone to help balance estrogen.


We know that Primobolan is a mild steroid with low androgenic activity, making it suitable for female users who prioritize avoiding virilizing side effects. But please note: virilizing effects ARE still likely with higher doses.

With Primobolan’s estrogen-lowering effects, women need to be VERY careful in dosing – serious health issues can develop when estrogen drops in women, and that’s what you’ll need to consider when dosing your Primobolan.

Contrary to popular belief, women can and do use injectable Primo just as often as oral. Females using Primobolan Depot can aim for a 50mg/week starting dose, and if you respond well, increasing it to 100mg/week is likely all you’ll ever need.

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

Primobolan is ideally used for at least 16 weeks. Twenty weeks is a standard cycle length. Being a well-tolerated and relatively mild steroid, we don’t run into the same types of risks when running some of the harsher steroids for cycles of that length.

So, oral or injectable Primobolan?

You will want a good reason to use oral Primo if you’re a guy. Its low bioavailability makes it not worth it unless you have no other option. Even women will often go for injectable Primo since the androgenic risks of this steroid are so low.

Primobolan Depot has a half-life of about 10.5 days. So you CAN inject just once per week if you want. When taking lower doses, once-weekly injections are usually fine. But even for moderate doses, I prefer a twice-weekly injection.

Once you start getting into the higher end of dosing, you’ll want to split it in two, and often three injections per week; otherwise, the dose being injected at once becomes overwhelming. Post-injection pain is commonly felt with Primobolan – another reason why injecting more frequently is preferred.

Likely Results

Primobolan is one of the few steroids we can effectively use for either bulking or cutting.

Although it’s not in the same league as our favorite bulking steroids because Primobolan is a relatively weak and slow muscle builder, you get quality gains. Still, these are slower gains, and longer lean bulking cycles are where Primo excels.

Primo will often be added to a cruise or TRT to maintain a fit look with no sides in between blasting or regular steroid cycles. Using Primo for cutting will harden your muscles, improve vascularity, and help preserve your existing muscle tissue while you’re dieting.

At higher doses, you can get some surprising physique effects that you might not always expect with such a mild AAS – muscle roundness and fullness can be impressive, but this is all achieved while keeping your physique dry. Including when you’re in a calorie deficit!

You will need to be reasonably lean already to get the best results out of Primo. Anything above 15% body fat (men) will not give you that impressive hardness and definition around the shoulders as if you’re nice and lean before going into the cycle.

Primobolan Cycles

Primobolan can be slotted into a cycle containing all sorts of other AAS. Some will use it for cruising in longer cycles, and others will use it at the beginning of the cycle and finish with a more powerful cutting/drying steroid (like Winstrol).

This can only mean one thing:

Your Primobolan cycle results will heavily depend on what you’re stacking it with, how long you’re running it, and ultimately, what sort of cycle you’re running – remember that Primo is useful for lean bulking, cutting, and recomp cycles.

Primobolan Cycle for Men

No one uses Primo looking for significant muscle gains; there are plenty of other better AAS for that. But moderate gains are possible, and some guys will see a friendly 10 lbs of quality lean muscle in a typical Primobolan cycle where it’s the primary anabolic compound.

Whatever gains are made with Primo, men always notice that they are QUALITY gains. No water and you keep all your gains.

There is no shortage of positive reviews out there of men’s experiences with Primobolan. Some of the comments, which are just a tiny sample of how much men enjoy using Primo, include:

  • Muscles tend to feel more pumped and hardened.
  • There’s basically no sides.
  • Fills out your delts and traps very well, a slight boost in vascularity.
  • “No noticeable sides; don’t feel like I’m on anything.”

Whenever I see or hear negative comments or reviews about Primo from men, I know it’s almost always down to some or all of these reasons:

  • He’s got himself fake or underdosed Primo and, as a result, not got the expected effects.
  • The dose used was too low, and/or the cycle was too short to get measurable results.
  • He doesn’t get what Primobolan is about and where and when it should be used.

In the real world, when men are using legit Primo for a long cycle with reasonable expectations, there aren’t many negatives to report since virtually everyone tolerates this steroid.

Post-injection pain can be one legitimate concern about Primobolan, and comments like “I get extreme pain from Primo” are not uncommon. Some guys can tolerate the injections very well, but others will suffer with PIP enough to warrant stopping the use of this steroid altogether.

Primobolan Cycle for Women

Women who use Primo at doses low enough to avoid virilization will find that achieving a dry and defined physique is the cornerstone of a Primo cycle. This can take some time to develop, and women should be willing to wait around five weeks to start seeing noticeable physique benefits. Running a 10-week cycle is a reasonable goal for females, with doses up to 50mg per week.

Females can find that Primo gives a greater strength boost than it does to male users; women will be more responsive to Primobolan’s relatively weak anabolic effects, which can translate to more strength and add some lean muscle. I’ve certainly read positive comments from women (and their male partners or trainers) noting that body fat loss was achievable while gaining some muscle.

On the downside?

As one user has said – “a little bit of voice cracking near the end of the cycle,” – and this indicates an onset of virilizing symptoms. It’s wise for any female to stop taking Primo at that point (unless virilizing effects are not a concern).

Primobolan vs. Other PEDs

We could spend days comparing Primobolan to a range of bulking and cutting steroids, especially its DHT relatives like Masteron and Winstrol. Here, I want to focus on two specific AAS as a comparison to Primobolan: Trenbolone and Anavar.

Primobolan vs. Trenbolone

People who shy away from using Trenbolone and its very harsh side effects will often view Primo as a perfect Tren alternative.

Trenbolone AAS
Trenbolone AAS

Primo is nowhere near as potent as Tren, but Primobolan is an easy steroid. Something both Primo and Tren have in common is that they will both provide lean gains, and both are useful in recomp cycles. However, the user experience of each of these AAS is very different due to the potency of Trenbolone. Let’s look at some crucial differences between Tren and Primo:

  • Primobolan can be used free of any side effects, but Trenbolone comes with the harshest side effect profile of any AAS.
  • Primobolan is an excellent beginner’s steroid, while Trenbolone should only be attempted by experienced users.
  • Trenbolone is nandrolone-derived, while Primo is DHT-based.
  • Trenbolone can suppress your Testosterone for months or even years following a cycle, and PCT may not be effective.
  • Trenbolone is cheaper to buy than Primobolan.
  • Trenbolone will build considerably more muscle than Primobolan.
  • Primobolan barely affects cholesterol or the liver, while Trenbolone will cause severe impacts on both.
  • Trenbolone will increase strength substantially more than Primo.
  • Trenbolone is highly androgenic and likely to cause hair loss and acne.
  • Unlike Primo, Trenbolone can have a severe negative impact on mood.

Primobolan vs. Anavar

You might still be deciding whether you should use Primobolan or Anavar.

Anavar AAS
Anavar AAS

What are the main differences and similarities between these two popular cutting steroids? Check it out:

  • Both are DHT-derived steroids.
  • Anavar is taken orally only, while Primobolan is available as an injectable and oral.
  • Both are two of the most expensive AAS, but Primobolan will typically cost the most.
  • Both are suitable for female use and can be used with minimal to no side effects at low doses.
  • Anavar is only used for short cycles (4-8 weeks) due to high liver toxicity, while we can safely use Primobolan for 20 weeks or more.
  • Anavar will work faster and give you a more considerable strength boost.
  • Most users find Anavar provides a superior aesthetic look and overall good feeling compared to Primo.
  • Anavar can hurt cholesterol, while Primobolan is unlikely to impact cholesterol.

Stacking Primobolan

If you want results that are beyond what Primobolan can give you on its own (namely, getting ripped or preparing for a contest), then stacking Primo with other PEDs is the next logical step. We will mostly want to enhance Primobolan’s effects; the best way to do that is to stack it with other dry compounds.

You don’t have to use only dry AAS, though – Nandrolone and Testosterone are sometimes stacked with Primo, and finishing off with something like Anavar will ultimately help dry you out while retaining your gains. Primo is most suited for recomp and cutting, although it has its place in lean bulk cycles, as I previously mentioned.

Primo is the type of AAS you can stack with almost anything, and it’s not going to add to your side effect profile much, if at all. Check out a few of my Primobolan stack suggestions below. Note that all of these stacks are based on using injectable Primobolan (Depot).

Primobolan + HGH + Testosterone (Recomp Stack)

This stack requires some serious financial investment, with Primo and HGH being expensive. If you can swing it, the synergy that HGH provides with the effects of any steroid, including our mild Primobolan, takes results to a much higher level than you’ll achieve with Primo alone. Testosterone is run to offset the AI effects of Primo and can either be dosed at TRT levels or higher doses if you’re looking for increased gains.


  • Fat loss
  • Lean gains
  • Improved sleep and recovery
  • Better mental function
  • More strength
  • Muscle preservation


  • Primobolan: 400mg/week
  • HGH: 6iu every other day
  • Testosterone: 400-600mg/week
  • Cycle length: 16 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Water retention
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain


Expect all the typical results from Primo taken to a higher level with HGH. HGH will also make it easier to lose fat on this cycle, but ultimately, your results will be shaped by your diet and training. Optionally, you can continue with HGH for the longer term to maintain ongoing benefits (if you can afford it).


Enclomiphene: five weeks at 25mg/day, one week at 12.5mg/day

Primobolan + Testosterone (Lean Bulk Stack)

A simple Test and Primo cycle is the most basic yet potent stack to run.
You can run a low-dose TRT cycle or a 1:1 ratio cycle, but here, I’m going to focus on higher-dose Testosterone for more significant gains.


  • Muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Increased vascularity and muscle hardness
  • Nice pumps
  • Fast recovery
  • Increased strength
  • Improved mood and libido


  • Primobolan: 400mg/week
  • Testosterone: 700mg/week
  • Cycle length: 16-20 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Cholesterol increase
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Water retention
  • Gyno


20lbs of weight may be gained, but expect to keep about half that in muscle. Some water weight is inevitable at this testosterone dose, but it will mostly depend on how well you can balance your estrogen levels.


Enclomiphene: five weeks at 25mg/day, one week at 12.5mg/day. Your timing of PCT will depend on which testosterone ester is used. If using Testosterone Enanthate, start PCT 2 weeks after your final injection of both steroids.

Primobolan + Testosterone + Deca-Durabolin + Anavar (Recomp/Cutting Stack)

This nice recomp or contest prep cycle includes Deca for additional mass gains and joint support. This stack lowers the dose of Testosterone to TRT while utilizing Anavar in the final weeks to cut and dry your physique. You should be able to run a substantial calorie deficit and still not experience any lean muscle loss.


  • Joint support
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Increased strength
  • Muscle preservation
  • Fat loss
  • Dry, vascular, and hard physique


  • Primobolan: 600mg/week (Weeks 1-16)
  • Testosterone: 200mg/week (Weeks 1-16)
  • Deca: 300mg/week (Weeks 1-16)
  • Anavar: 60mg/day (Weeks 7-12)
  • Cycle length: 16 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Cholesterol increase
  • Liver toxicity
  • Lower back pumps


Deca is a great addition and will noticeably improve your joint function and overall recovery. Anavar is going to enhance and build upon all the effects of Primo and have you getting more ripped than is possible with Primo alone. By the end of the cycle, you’ll be shredded with incredible vascularity and definition.


Enclomiphene: five weeks at 25mg/day, final week at 12.5mg/day

Primobolan PCT

Primobolan can act somewhat as an AI on cycle, potentially masking some of the estrogen-related side effects you get with other steroids (water retention, gyno). But it can sometimes take higher doses of Primo to get this AI-like effect, and there’s no one rule for how it works for every user. It also depends on you balancing the ratio of the dosage of your other PEDs; in the case of Testosterone, it’s good to aim for a 1:1 ratio (so a similar dose to Primobolan).

So, with this in mind, do you still need to do PCT after using Primobolan? Despite its mild nature, Primo can and will suppress Testosterone in men quite strongly. If you’re continuing to cruise on Testosterone after stopping Primobolan, then you won’t need to PCT, but otherwise, you’ll want to plan your PCT, which won’t start until almost two weeks after your last shot of Primo (thanks to its long half-life). Enclomiphene is my SERM of choice for PCT due to its lower incidence of side effects compared to the older SERMs. A 6-week PCT is recommended at:

  • 25mg/day for five weeks
  • 12.5mg/day for one week

For more detailed information on everything to do with PCT, check out my article here.

Primobolan Side Effects

Primobolan is exceptionally mild in terms of its side effects. I consider this to be the most tolerable and safest steroid to use, with even fewer side effects than Testosterone. Kidney and liver function should be unaffected by Primo, and it shouldn’t impact cholesterol levels either.

Oral Primo may have some very minor liver toxicity, but this has not shown to be anything we should be concerned about at the doses typically used. Unlike a lot of steroids, where you have to worry about aromatization and rising estrogen levels, Primobolan is the opposite in this regard.

Primo will reduce your estrogen levels and can crash them if you’re not careful. Men need low levels of estrogen, and female users must ensure estrogen does not reduce drastically while using Primo.


There are a few potential side effects of Primobolan that you’ll need to prepare for:

Testosterone Suppression

Primobolan can suppress Testosterone more than you might expect from such an otherwise mild steroid. So even when using Primo as the primary or sole anabolic compound, you’ll want to have your PCT ready to go to restore normal function.

Hair Loss

There are reports of guys using the highest Primo doses (1000mg or so) experiencing hair loss, but very sensitive individuals can find hair shedding an issue at lower doses. One thing to note: men will often stack Primo with high test doses, which will always raise the risk of male pattern baldness.

And a quick reminder on Primobolan’s effects on estrogen: To avoid low or crashed estrogen levels and associated side effects, it’s vital to run Primobolan with at least an equal dose of Testosterone or a slightly higher Test dose than Primo. Without this balance, you’re virtually sure to run into low estradiol levels, and in men, this can result in symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Irritability
  • Poor memory
  • Sexual dysfunction


Most women who maintain a low dose of Primobolan won’t exhibit any virilizing side effects at all. But at higher doses (and in sensitive individuals), a change in the voice is usually the first sign that virilizing is developing.

Simply stopping Primobolan and letting it exit your system (this will take longer for Depot than for oral) will usually have the voice return to normal. However, prolonged use can permanently change your voice and other masculinizing effects like body hair growth.

Where to Buy Primobolan?

Unless you’re lucky enough not to have to think about money, planning how long and how much Primobolan to use can’t be done without considering the cost because this is one of the more expensive steroids (alongside Anavar).

Primo is a great steroid to use year-round at low doses in addition to TRT to look good and feel great, but this is an expensive strategy, so make sure you’ve planned out your sources and costs before planning your Primobolan cycle.

Availability of Primobolan

Unfortunately, Primobolan is possibly the most faked steroid being sold in UGL labs today. Although fake Primo isn’t as dominant as it once was, and there are now definitely more suppliers of genuine tested Primobolan, there’s still more than enough fake and under-dosed/switched Primobolan being sold to warrant great caution when buying.

No doubt because Primo is expensive, the temptation for questionable labs to include other ingredients and other cheaper steroids (and sometimes no Primobolan at all) is high.

Fake Primobolan will very often be Masteron or, in some cases, Testosterone propionate, being sold as Primobolan. Your results and side effects will be different, and this is often the only way someone suspects they’ve been scammed with a fake product. If your Primo turns out to be Masteron, and you didn’t get it tested before using it? The effects will be similar, but Masteron typically has harsher side effects.

Having the product tested before you use it is vital if you want to be 100% sure. Some people who’ve had their “Primobolan” tested have found it to be Equipoise. So there’s no guessing what you might be getting.

What does this mean for you?

Only buy from reputable sources. These sources build their entire reputation and business from word of mouth, and the best ones won’t risk their reputation by selling fakes.

The only known genuine Primobolan is the Bayer brand, sold in ampules, often produced in Turkey. These are sold in other countries like Thailand, where they can even be bought over the counter in pharmacies. Can Bayer Primo also be faked? Yep. So again, check your sources. Genuine Bayer will be the highest-priced Primobolan you can get and obviously the best quality.

Primobolan is a prohibited substance alongside all other anabolic steroids in the world of professional sports. WADA and all other anti-doping authorities ban its use due to the powerful performances and physique advantage it provides to athletes. For recreational users, stringent rules still apply in some countries, including the USA.

Primobolan, like all AAS, is a Schedule III substance under the Controlled Substances Act in the US. This means possessing or using Primobolan without a prescription is not legal. Some countries are more lenient when it comes to personal use of Primo.

You can legally possess Primobolan for personal use in the UK, Canada, some EU countries, and most countries throughout Asia. In some locations, such as Thailand, you can even find steroids like Primobolan being sold over the counter in pharmacies.

Typical Pricing

Unfortunately, Primobolan is one of the more expensive anabolic steroids to buy, which is a great shame because it’s such an incredible steroid, but the cost can put it out of reach for a lot of us.

Primo will often cost even more than Anavar, which itself is known as a very expensive AAS. The big difference is that we want to take Primobolan for 2-3 times as long as a typical Anavar cycle – making Primo one of the most expensive steroid cycles you’ll ever do.

The cost is going to vary quite substantially. First, pricing differs between oral and injectable Primobolan:

  • Primobolan Depot can have you paying well over $200 for just a 10ml vial at 100mg/ml.
  • UGL Primo oral tablets can cost up to $3.50 per 50mg tablet.
  • Pharma-grade oral Primobolan is typically sold in 25mg tablets; you can pay $5 per 50mg (2 tablets).

Final Thoughts

Primobolan has long been one of my favorite steroids for plenty of good reasons! Too many people lose patients with slower-acting steroids like this, but what I love about Primo is that while I don’t get those super fast results in the first week or two, what happens is that as the cycle goes on, your progress with this AAS improves constantly and consistently. There’s no plateauing or leveling of your progression with Primobolan.

Disclaimer: You do have to be dosing and using it right with a good diet and critically – using legit Primobolan. The main issue, of course, is the cost of Primobolan. I like to dose it at the higher end – 600mg or so – and this is costly. Investing this much in a steroid cycle isn’t for everyone. Still, if you can afford it and want to experience possibly the safest, lowest side effect, and most enjoyable anabolic steroid, then I recommend Primobolan.


— Furious Joe

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