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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Discover the benefits and side effects of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), including dosing and cycle recommendations, stacking info, and buying options.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most critical and beneficial hormones in the human body. It also happens to be one of the most beneficial to the bodybuilder and athlete. HGH gives you an edge, whether it be for performance enhancement, physique enhancement, or simply wanting to retain a more youthful appearance.

There’s much more to growth hormone than we can get from an anabolic steroid; they are very different indeed, and you’ll want to know EXACTLY how, what, and why HGH can benefit you before making the big decision to use it (did I mention it’s also crazy expensive?)

So, is HGH something that will benefit you? Read on to learn everything there is to know about Human Growth Hormone!

What is HGH?

Although HGH is a hormone, it’s a very different hormone from testosterone and other hormones we are familiar with when using anabolic steroids.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH is NOT an anabolic steroid at all. It has nothing to do with steroids, and that’s something we need to be clear about from the beginning.

HGH is also called Somatotropin, and it’s a peptide hormone naturally produced in our body. As you might guess from its name, growth hormone is critical for its effects on growth.

But there’s a lot more to HGH than that… HGH is a complex hormone, but once you understand its primary functions and effects, you can begin to see what makes it so appealing to bodybuilders and athletes.

HGH History and Overview

HGH’s primary medical use in humans is to treat growth hormone deficiency. HGH has been found to provide significant life-changing benefits to clinical patients who suffer from HGH deficiency, including:

  • Increased lean muscle
  • Improved bone density
  • Decreased body fat
  • Improved cholesterol and cardiovascular health

The FDA only approved HGH for human use in 1985. It was extracted from human cadavers in the earliest stages of HGH use. But when degenerative brain disease was found in deceased HGH patients, that form of HGH extraction was ceased, and biosynthetic HGH was developed and used for medical purposes.

While a slower-release form of HGH was developed nearly 20 years ago, its production was deemed too expensive to continue, and to date, it has not been looked at again. Such a product would have made it possible to inject HGH once every few weeks rather than daily as we do now.

Mechanism of Action

HGH affects every tissue in your body. Its primary purpose (as you’d expect from its name) is to promote growth. HGH is critical in the early stages of life for the growing human.

HGH will stimulate the production of IGF-1 – an anabolic hormone that is highly beneficial to us as bodybuilders. Your body secretes enough growth hormone from the pituitary gland to provide for the body’s necessary functions. Taking exogenous HGH amplifies these mechanisms of action substantially.

Two peptides mainly control the natural release of HGH:

  • Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH)
  • Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH)

But other factors contribute to HGH release:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

Exercise itself may stimulate the release of growth hormone. But it will not be at the level you can achieve through external use.

Once HGH is circulating, its growth effects will:

  • Boost the amino acid uptake from the blood
  • Increase cellular proliferation
  • Reduce cell death

HGH targets four primary cell types:

  • Bone
  • Muscle
  • Nervous system
  • Immune system

Effects of HGH (Benefits)

Unlike anabolic steroids and most other PEDs, HGH appeals to people with little to no interest in bodybuilding and performance. Some like to use it to feel good and keep their skin and hair looking healthy. Then, some people use it to promote recovery and injury prevention.

Genuine bodybuilding use of HGH requires higher doses and stacking with AAS to get ultimate results. Here’s just some of what HGH can do:


Promoting recovery is one of the best benefits of HGH. You can experience these recovery benefits even at lower doses because one of the core functions of HGH is to build, repair, and maintain muscle. Repairing muscle after exercise damage or injury is achievable amazingly well by HGH, beyond what we see with anabolic steroids.

Fat and Metabolism

All HGH users will notice how lean they can become. HGH can stimulate lipolysis so that fat is more efficiently broken down into fatty acids for energy use. It’s known that obese people have a reduced output of growth hormone and that growth hormone plays a critical role in reducing and redistributing body fat[1].

Muscle Growth

The signals that HGH sends to the muscles instruct them to grow, but we can only see the true potential for muscle gains when stacking HGH with anabolic steroids. With HGH promoting cell proliferation, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis, it’s the perfect partner to AAS in promoting the substantial growth of lean muscle[2].


Improved skin, nail, and hair quality is always going to make you look younger and healthier. This is a nice bonus benefit for bodybuilders who use HGH. Growth hormone stimulates collagen synthesis, which is crucial for keeping the skin strong and plump.

HGH Dosing and Administration

When planning out your HGH dosage, always keep this in mind: When you increase the dose, you increase the risk. Yes, we can say that about steroids and any drug, but there’s an upper limit with HGH where real health risks are virtually guaranteed, and you don’t want to mess with that.

What does this mean for you?

Up to a certain point, HGH is highly beneficial for many of us. But too much of a good thing can be hazardous when it comes to HGH, so just like any other PED, you’ll want to find the right balance between reaping the benefits and increasing the potential short and long-term side effects.


Therapeutic and clinical doses of HGH are always at the lower end. Medical use aims to replace the growth hormone level that the body should produce. In most cases, this will be up to 3iu daily for males, ranging from less than 1iu up to 2iu for females. Let’s look at the ideal doses for performance uses of HGH:


Low doses of HGH can be very effective for the new user or those just wanting to experience some benefits (like better skin, hair, recovery, and sleep) without going overboard. 2iu is an excellent introduction to HGH and will allow you to evaluate the benefits and downsides.


A standard male dose, which we could also call intermediate, is 4iu. You’ll get all the desirable benefits at this dose: fat loss, better recovery, improved skin and hair, good sleep, and great synergy with anabolic steroids. Many men never see a need to take more than 4iu daily.


For proper mega muscle growth for hardcore bodybuilders, doses of up to 8iu are taken by men. Besides the increased cost, the risk of all potential side effects increases at this level.


Women will typically take between 1iu and 2iu daily, similar to female clinical doses. Some females take up to 4iu, but at this level, females need to be aware that enlargement of areas like the jaw can occur – something that will be far more prominent on a female face compared to a male.

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

HGH needs to be used relatively long to get the most benefits. I would aim for a minimum of 12 weeks if muscle growth is your primary goal; otherwise, I find it’s not worth the cost. For fat loss, general rejuvenation, recovery, and other low-level benefits are your goal? Eight weeks can work, but aim for at least ten.

But those using HGH with a longer-term outlook are going to look at using it for six months and beyond. Yes, it gets very costly, but that’s why I always say growth hormone is only for THE most serious of users.

Blasting and cruising is another method of using HGH. This helps you shape different parts of your cycles to specific goals (usually when stacking HGH), but also reduces dependence and risk of developing issues with the thyroid and blood sugar (but remember that there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid these risks completely).

HGH can be injected either subcutaneously or intramuscularly, and the half-life differs very slightly between the two. Either way, HGH has a very short half-life – just under 4 hours for sub-cut injections and just under 5 hours when injected IM. But if you want maximum bioavailability (and who doesn’t?), then subcutaneous injections are the way to go – they have up to 75% bioavailability compared to around 63% for IM injections.

Low HGH doses are usually injected once daily. If you’re taking doses of 8iu or more, splitting it into two daily injections is not unusual. Avoid injecting in the hours before sleeping due to that being a time when your body is ramping up its natural growth hormone production. I like to inject after breakfast after eating some carbs – this can help avoid fatigue or drowsiness.

Likely Results

Results from HGH are very dose-dependent. They’re also dependent on what, if any, other compounds you’re using it with. This is just some of what you can expect at the basic level when taking HGH:

  • You’ll notice exceptional recovery, even better than what you experience with anabolic steroids. So, when combined with AAS, HGH is going to significantly speed up that muscle repair process, allowing you to get back to training quicker.
  • You can expect your mental clarity and outlook to improve. We don’t often hear about this, with people focused almost entirely on the physical effects. But HGH can improve your state of mind, making you feel awake and focused.
  • Fat loss will come more straightforward, and you’ll find it harder to GAIN fat. Yes, your diet will significantly affect how much fat you could lose, but if you’re dieting and doing regular cardio, you can’t help but drop fat on HGH.
  • Sleep quality will be enhanced substantially. You’ll feel more rested and get a better night’s sleep. This almost certainly contributes to the overall improvement in mental well-being as well.
  • Your steroids will work better when stacked with HGH. You’ll be able to build more muscle faster, get leaner, and get more significant strength gains.

This is why most of us want to use HGH at all, but I can’t state enough times: to make it all worthwhile (including the cost), you must ensure you’ve maxed out what you can do naturally and with gear before thinking of adding HGH to the mix.

HGH Cycles

How you use HGH will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. It’s common for people to want to use it for the longer term – 6 months or more to reap the whole range of benefits HGH offers.

Again, you can’t consider that without planning the cost of this high-priced product because every week you use HGH can cost a substantial amount. And you’ll want the best quality HGH to get the results you expect.

As I often like to repeat, HGH works beautifully in synergy with just about any anabolic steroid. And for many of us, that’s what we’ll be building a cycle around because HGH will take what your steroids do to another level.

Most males will take 4-6iu daily for best physique results, with women only needing a lower dose to get some nice muscle, recovery, and fat loss effects.

Author Note: I’m currently using HGH-X2 by Crazy Bulk. It’s an ideal swap for your risk-laden human growth hormone. The stuff truly works!

HGH Cycle for Men

The results men can expect are again going to be heavily dependent on the purpose of use. We can use HGH for muscle gain and strength. Still, just how much you gain will vary considerably – unlike standard AAS cycles, you can’t put a figure on expected gains with HGH because it’s going to be enhancing your steroid cycles rather than acting as a standalone muscle builder.

So, what are guys like you saying about HGH?

Thousands of experiences, comments, and reviews are written every year by guys using HGH. For the most part, I see a very positive overview from just about everyone. One exception – when bunk HGH is used (and that happens often), results are going to be disappointing. But you go into HGH expecting that, and that’s why we make the effort to buy the good stuff or don’t bother at all.

I wanted to highlight a few comments: “HGH takes a while to start to notice fat loss effects.” I think this is prudent to point out. Don’t expect a magic fat-loss formula even when stacking HGH with the best AAS. But with patience and solid work, you will get leaner over time. You’ll hear a lot of guys saying they get LEANER on HGH. So you’re steadily putting on muscle and less likely to gain fat.

Importantly, holding on to muscle is where HGH also excels. At 4iu/day taken five days per week, one male user noted: “The lower dose is just leaning me out a little and helping to hold muscle.” I should point out that 4iu is a moderate rather than a low dose and is an excellent dose to balance benefits and risks.

And I can’t ignore the benefits of HGH on sleep and recovery because it’s such a huge reason for using it. Comments like: “I was waking up after 6 hours and felt like I had 9-10 hours” really clarify just how much HGH can have you sleeping and feeling better mentally.

In short?

There is no template for the results you can get with HGH due to the many variables involved. But if you’re used to using AAS (as you should be), expect those results to improve exceptionally.

HGH Cycle for Women

Females will use HGH for a range of reasons – either for its skin and anti-aging benefits as well as better sleep or for proper fitness and physique results. Women can expect similar results and outcomes to male users of HGH in terms of rejuvenation, recovery, and fat loss.

So, what are females saying about their experiences with HGH?

  • Virtually all females are noticing improved sleep quality. Waking feeling refreshed, and the resulting improvement in muscle and overall recovery for those training regularly.
  • Clearer and healthier skin and thicker hair are other common positive comments you’ll read about from women. This is a nice bonus but generally not the sole reason females will use HGH.
  • More effortless fat loss is a notable positive effect for females. Women who are dieting and doing regular intensive cardio workouts find that HGH makes it possible to move fat more effectively than naturally.

We even have evidence that low-dose HGH helps older women decrease visceral body fat[3]. These benefits are experienced on just 2iu/day, which is a recommended female dose. It’s worth noting that many women will use HGH for long periods – 6 months or more.

While the positives outweigh negative experiences about HGH, some females note that they feel tired. This is the opposite of what we should be feeling – better mental clarity and more rest. Individual response, HGH quality, dosage, and hard dieting are all potential culprits of increased tiredness and other unexpected side effects.

HGH vs. Other PEDs

HGH is such a unique substance for performance and/or other health benefits that it could not (and should not) be directly comparable to anabolic steroids, SARMs, or most other PEDs. But we should weigh up HGH compared to an exciting investigational drug called MK-677 and some other peptides of interest.

HGH vs. Peptides

HGH itself is a peptide hormone. But there are thousands of known peptides in the human body. Did you know? There are more than 7000 natural peptides that we currently know about[4]. Peptides, at their most basic, are just strings of amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

Peptides are responsible for all sorts of functions in our body, and although HGH is probably the most well-known peptide, it’s entirely dependent on two other peptides in our body. The natural release of HGH from the pituitary gland depends on these two peptides:

  • Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH, Somatorelin, or CJC-1295)
  • Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH or Somatostatin)

Both of these peptides will stimulate the release of growth hormone. They do not provide you with a direct form of HGH, as is the case when you take HGH itself.

By taking GHRH in its pharmaceutical form, you get a more even and steady release of HGH. This is in contrast to the spike in HGH that can occur when taking pure exogenous growth hormone.

Somatostatin, the growth hormone inhibiting hormone peptide, prevents a blood sugar increase by inhibiting the release of HGH. This peptide will essentially decrease the effects of HGH – downregulating its cell proliferation effects.

HGH vs. MK-677

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) has been hailed as an exciting alternative to HGH injections.

Ibutamoren GH Secretagogue
Ibutamoren GH Secretagogue

Ibutamoren is a research chemical that is classed as a growth hormone secretagogue. It can stimulate both growth hormone and IGF-1 and increase their levels significantly. MK-677 is able to do this without serious side effects. When we think of the possible side effects of longer-term or high-dose HGH use, there’s no doubt that HGH is the riskier of the two to take.

MK-677 has been shown to increase your appetite to a higher level than HGH. HGH can undoubtedly raise your appetite level, but I’ve found that Ibutamoren does it more so – but this may be an individual response. An appetite increase can be welcomed for most of us wanting to gain muscle. But if fat loss is your primary goal, then MK-677 can present some issues.

It’s little wonder, then, that the bodybuilding community has taken notice of MK-677. Countless people ask: “Should I use MK-677 instead of HGH?” Well, for one, MK-677 is going to be a lot cheaper than HGH injections. You can also do away with the injecting because MK-677 is taken orally. Don’t like injections and money is tight? Then your decision is probably easily made: MK-677 is just a more accessible PED to use with fewer serious health risks.

Stacking HGH

If you’re looking for performance results from HGH and not simply its cosmetic and lifestyle-enhancing effects (which are still very beneficial to us), then it’s widespread for HGH to be stacked with anabolic steroids and other PEDs.

HGH is a brilliant, supportive, and synergistic hormone to use with steroids due to the excellent synergy they have and differing mechanisms of action. Why add HGH to a steroid cycle? HGH will enhance and build upon the effects of steroids, helping you to get even more out of a cycle.

In short, HGH makes your steroids work BETTER. That means you can use it in any cycle: bulking, cutting, recomp, and anything else. HGH will go with the flow of where your other PEDs take it.

But there’s this:

Growth hormone is what I consider to be an advanced compound and one only to use once you’ve maxed out your natural potential and when you’re struggling to make further advancement with your anabolic steroid cycles (including at higher AAS doses). HGH can provide that extra push-through; the results will speak for themselves.

Here are just a few of my favorite stacks that include HGH:

HGH + Testosterone (Bulking Stack)

HGH will enhance and compound upon the physical results you usually get from testosterone – more muscle, more strength, better fat loss, and recovery. This is the best way for a male AAS user to start using HGH – a simple stack.


  • Lean muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improved skin, nails, and hair


  • Weeks 1-16: HGH 4iu daily
  • Weeks 8-16: Testosterone enanthate 600mg/week

Possible Side Effects

  • Water retention
  • Joint pain/discomfort
  • Gyno
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


Testosterone will enhance muscle mass, reduce fat, and substantially improve recovery. Combined with HGH, these benefits are going to be compounded upon. Gains of 20lbs are possible, and water retention should be controllable through diet (low sodium).


Standard PCT for testosterone suppression is required. Clomid, Nolvadex, or Enclomiphene taken for 4-6 weeks is usually sufficient.

HGH + Trenbolone (Lean Bulking Stack)

Trenbolone also increases IGF-1 substantially, and HGH is only going to increase how the muscle responds to all this additional IGF-1. This is a hardcore cycle for advanced users because Tren has some severe side effects to deal with.


  • Huge gains
  • Fat loss
  • Big pumps
  • Huge strength
  • Hard, defined physique
  • Muscle fullness
  • Rapid recovery


  • Weeks 1-16: HGH 4iu daily
  • Weeks 6-16: Trenbolone Acetate 150mg/week

Possible Side Effects

  • Testosterone shutdown
  • Cholesterol increase
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver toxicity
  • Gyno
  • Water retention
  • Night sweats
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety, anger, paranoia, and other mental effects
  • Tren cough
  • Joint pain


This stack is all about lean muscle gains. Tren is a superb recomp AAS that won’t cause water retention, and Tren’s effects should offset any HGH-induced water retention. Muscle gains, therefore, will be maintainable post-cycle with little loss of weight. Expect a hard, defined physique, fast recovery, some fat loss, and incredible strength.


Trenbolone can suppress testosterone levels for many months and sometimes years. Regular PCT will rarely be able to restore testosterone production sufficiently, and long-term TRT or cruising of testosterone is required.

HGH + T3 + Anavar (Cutting Stack)

HGH is an excellent accompaniment to a cutting steroid like Anavar. Cytomel (T3) raises your metabolic rate. HGH promotes fat loss directly, while Anavar dries out your physique and provides extra strength gains. Both compounds will work to preserve existing muscle while cutting and dieting.


  • Fast recovery
  • Fast fat loss
  • Muscle preservation
  • Hard, dry physique
  • Vascularity
  • Improved hair, skin and nails


  • Weeks 1-16: HGH 4iu daily
  • Weeks 9-16: Anavar 25-50mg daily
  • Weeks 11-16: T3 tapered dose starting at 25mcg day, increase by 25mcg each week to max 75mcg, then decrease by 25mcg each week to end at 25mcg in the final week.

Possible Side Effects

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Natural T3 level suppressed
  • Cholesterol increase (mild)
  • Liver toxicity
  • Water retention
  • Joint pain
  • Carpal tunnel


Super fast fat loss is the name of the game in this stack. Moving those stubborn pounds around the waist is easier if you’re already lean. Anavar is going to dry the physique and enhance your definition and vascularity. Recovery times will be exceptional, allowing you to work out much more regularly and intensively with little downtime.


Some users can recover adequately from Anavar without PCT. If PCT is required, a standard Nolvadex 4-week cycle is sufficient.


HGH will have no impact at all on your testosterone levels as a man, so if you’re used to using anabolic steroids and dealing with suppressed or shut-down testosterone by running PCT, then you’ll be relieved to know that this does not apply to HGH use. But it doesn’t end there.

HGH is, after all, a naturally occurring hormone, and by providing your body with an external source (and usually a higher amount), you might be wondering if this affects your natural growth hormone function.

Does using HGH shut down your natural production of growth hormone?

No, it doesn’t – and we shouldn’t think of it in the same way as testosterone. In one study on prolonged use of daily HGH injections in children for up to 36 months and at least 30 months, withdrawing HGH resulted in fat gain, a slower metabolism, and a negative balance of nutrients, including nitrogen. However – it was found that the dosing was not a factor, that the prolonged use of HGH was the critical factor, and that withdrawal symptoms “do not involve the suppression of hormone secretion.”

With all this said…

Since we almost always use HGH for performance purposes alongside suppressive compounds like AAS, you’ll almost inevitably need to plan a PCT cycle anyway – it just won’t have anything to do with your use of HGH.

HGH Side Effects

For all its unique benefits and the fact that this is a hormone we naturally produce, HGH sure does come with some significant risk factors when you use it exogenously. Taking too much HGH and taking it for extended periods can potentially lead to some severe and scary health issues.

If you’re brand new to HGH, I can’t recommend enough: start at a lower dose and only ever increase the amount slowly. While some side effects of HGH are things you can see or feel, others can be completely invisible until it’s too late.

Blood sugar/Insulin Resistance

Because of how HGH prioritizes fats as energy over carbohydrates, blood sugar levels, and insulin concentrations can increase, and your HGH dose will directly impact just how pronounced the increase in blood sugar is for you. If you use HGH for prolonged lengths of time, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes may increase. One research paper detailed how cases of type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes increased more than six times in children receiving growth hormone therapy[5].

Bone and organ growth

The most frightening side effects relate to HGH’s core function: to promote growth. Too much HGH can have your body growing inside and out. This can include enlarged hands, feet, and jaw area. If HGH is used at too high doses for the long term, dangerous enlargement of the organs can occur.

Water Retention

HGH can cause water retention, especially in the wrists and ankles. This should fade away after a week or two of use, but higher doses run the risk of water retention becoming an ongoing issue.

Carpal Tunnel

This syndrome is characterized by numbness in the feet and hands, which can be related to water retention. Again, reducing your dose should mitigate this side effect.

Joint Pain

Even though HGH can increase joint strength, some users develop painful, stiff, or uncomfortable joints. This is also thought to be related to water retention.


Women can use HGH without any concerns about virilization. HGH is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid and can not cause masculine traits to develop. Just like in men, long-term and/or high-dose use does put women at risk of bone, tissue, and organ enlargement. Since women are smaller than men, any size increase in the hands and feet (for example) can appear more pronounced and noticeable than in males.

Where to Buy HGH?

Buying HGH is not like buying anabolic steroids. Real, pure-quality HGH can not be produced in underground labs due to the massive costs and complexity. However, a growing number of Chinese labs appear to be manufacturing high-quality HGH, which is sold as generic. Buying from such labs is a gamble; you’ll want to be very sure of the source before handing over money.

So, where to buy it? You can buy safe and legal HGH from Crazy Bulk (the best AAS supplier). Give it a try – the stuff truly works!!

Availability of HGH

Because the process of manufacturing pure quality HGH is expensive and complex, there are only a tiny number of manufacturers, and those are the ones selling their pharmaceutical HGH to suppliers. This is the reason why legitimate pharma-grade HGH is so expensive; no doubt it will be the most expensive PED you’ll ever use.

The Chinese generics of HGH will tempt you; after all, they can be considerably cheaper. Few generics will ever be as good as real-pharma HGH in terms of dosing and purity (generics are known to be both underdosed AND overdosed).

These days, one of the most popular HGH kits is Riptropin, a rebranded generic HGH known to be of high quality. It’s probably as good as you can get with a generic brand. It comes from China, so you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right product and not a counterfeit using this brand name.

If you can source legit Riptropin, you’ve found a quality generic and probably saved a few dollars, too.

HGH is only legal to use with a prescription for medical purposes. In the US and many other countries, using, buying, selling, or manufacturing HGH for performance purposes is not legal.

HGH is also banned in the same category as anabolic steroids by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and most other sporting bodies worldwide. Because HGH is a naturally occurring protein in the body, it’s one of the more difficult PEDs to detect in doping tests.

Accurate testing for HGH in athletes is not as straightforward as detecting most anabolic steroids or other PEDs, and urine testing can not be used to detect HGH. Instead, doping tests must be completed from bloodwork.

A specific test has been created to detect HGH in athletes, called the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Biomarkers Test, which focuses on detecting levels of IGF-1 and P-III-NP.

Typical Pricing

HGH is not a cheap substance to buy. The cost alone will often rule out HGH for many guys who would love to try it.

Cheap generic kits (often just called UGL) can cost as little as $100. Anything about $200 is considered expensive for generic HGH kits. There is one exception to this. As I mentioned, Riptropin is a highly regarded rebranded generic, and a 100iu kit (10 x 10iu vials) can be found for $400.

Typically, genuine pharma-grade HGH kits can cost anywhere from $600 to $800, but sometimes up to $1000 or more.

Final Thoughts

HGH is no longer the domain of the most advanced and hardcore bodybuilders. While it’s correct that you shouldn’t be using HGH unless you’ve been in the game for a while and are looking to take your AAS results to a higher level, HGH, when used correctly, can have benefits measured well outside how much muscle you can gain.

So, is HGH worth it for you?

If you don’t have a few thousand dollars to spend, then probably not. To use HGH primarily for muscle growth purposes, you’ll want a bare minimum of 12 weeks. That’s some serious cash right there. And most of us will want to continue using it beyond that time.

And there’s this:

Your HGH results are going to be made or broken by the quality you can buy. Again, this comes down to cost and the ability to source LEGITIMATE or top-quality generic HGH kits (of which there are very few).

So, if you’ve got the resources and time to do HGH, right? I say go for it. It’s like nothing else we can use. Otherwise, stick with your AAS plan for now, and I’ll bet there’s a lot more you can get out of your steroid cycles while you wait until you’re in a position to do HGH the right way.

Author Note: Click here to check out HGH-X2 (HGH alternative). I can’t say enough good stuff about this bad boy. Recommended!


— Furious Joe

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