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Clenbuterol (Clen) Fat Burner 101: The Bodybuilder’s Guide

Discover the benefits and side effects of using Clenbuterol, including dosing and cycle recommendations, stacking info, and buying options.
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Disclaimer: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of PEDs.

Clenbuterol is not a compound to dive into without a perfect understanding of what it can and can’t do – good and bad. Not everyone will be able to use Clenbuterol because, at its core, it is a stimulant, and some of us are too sensitive to the effects of stimulants to find them of any benefit.

For those who CAN use Clenbuterol without finding the side effects overbearing, the possible fat loss results make this a compound I’d place in the category of hardcore fat burners. It’s known to be one of the best, for good reason. Want to know more about the good and bad of Clenbuterol?

Let’s jump in!

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is very different from any other PED you might use for bodybuilding, performance, or even weight loss.

Clenbuterol Fat Burner
Clenbuterol Fat Burner

Clen has bronchodilation and decongestive effects, and it has a legitimate medical use in some countries (not the US, however) in treating breathing conditions like asthma. This drug acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. While this results in some fantastic effects, it also has some downsides you must know about before considering Clenbuterol.

But why would anyone want to use an asthma prescription drug, you might ask? Clen is also a thermogenic, increasing the metabolism and leading to more efficient fat burning. And that’s the number one reason it has the attention of bodybuilders, athletes, and those just wanting to lose weight quicker.

History and Overview

Clenbuterol has been around since the 1970s, although it’s only recently become a well-known name in performance circles. The primary medical purpose of Clenbuterol is its use as a treatment for asthmatics, where it helps open the airways and assist breathing.

While the FDA hasn’t approved Clenbuterol for human use in the US (Albuterol and other drugs are the preferred treatments there), it does have FDA approval for use in horses to treat airway obstructions.

Another condition Clenbuterol has been investigated as a treatment for is significant depression. However, the results of a small study were not promising, with most participants not seeing an improvement in depression symptoms, combined with undesirable side effects[1].

Clenbuterol has a long history of being used by some professional athletes illegally, who were ultimately caught and suspended or punished in other ways. Some sprinters, baseball players, swimmers, boxers, and footballers are some of the sports where athletes have tested positive for Clenbuterol. This gives us a pretty good idea of what type of pursuits Clenbuterol appeals to the most outside of fat loss use – primarily those requiring exceptional cardio output and power.

Mechanism of Action

As a Beta-2-Adrenergic Agonist, Clenbuterol’s primary use is to treat Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and bronchial asthma. Its primary intended mechanism of action is focused on the improvement of breathing.

While Clenbuterol also benefits the athlete, some of the other more incidental mechanisms of action are of greater interest to those who want to use Clen for the primary purpose of fat loss. The two critical ones of interest to us as it relates to fat loss are:

  • Lipolysis
  • Nutrient partitioning

Clen has high bioavailability at up to 98% and avoids first-pass metabolism. As plasma reaches its peak around 2 hours after administration, processes begin to activate, where triglycerides break down into fatty acids and glycerol. This is the process of lipolysis – where your body gets its energy from fat. And this is where the power of fat loss begins with Clenbuterol.

Effects of Clenbuterol (Benefits)

Clenbuterol’s benefits can be just as potent as its side effects. But these benefits will only be worthwhile chasing after if you’ve got your diet worked out and got in shape naturally for a while. If you’re overweight or obese, Clenbuterol is not what you should consider using.

Here’s what to expect when using Clenbuterol for fat-burning:

Fat Burning

Clenbuterol makes it easier and faster to lose fat while dieting and regularly exercising through thermogenesis and boosting your metabolism. While Clen is very effective at fat-burning, stacking it with T3 is considered the ultimate strategy (see my stack section below).

For the best fat loss results on Clen, it’s ideal to stick with a low-fat and high-protein diet with a moderate intake of quality carbohydrates.

Physique Enhancement

Along with the fat-burning benefits, Clen may also contribute to an improvement in muscle hardness and vascularity. While this won’t be at the level we can achieve with some anabolic steroids, it’s a welcome benefit if you’re already lean and looking for improved muscular definition.

Appetite Suppression

Since we’re always using Clen for weight loss, losing appetite is a positive effect that can help you eat LESS and, ideally, eat better food as you’ll be much less inclined to crave snacks between meals or late at night.

Muscle preservation

Clenbuterol has often been called an anabolic drug, but this is not thought to be the case because there is no evidence that higher doses can result in muscle gains in humans (even though it has been shown to do so in animals).

Clenbuterol can preserve existing muscle while you’re on a calorie-restricted diet. By nutrient partitioning, Clen can prevent fat from being stored, encourage using fat for energy, and prevent using lean muscle for energy.

Improved Breathing

Clenbuterol relaxes the airway muscles, resulting in an opening of the airways and more effortless and more apparent breathing. This is one of its primary medical purposes, but it benefits you when you do a lot of cardio exercise to lose weight.

Should you use Clenbuterol to lose fat if you don’t intend to stick with a calorie-controlled diet and do consistent physical training? No! While Clen can still increase your metabolism and potentially have you losing some body fat without exercising, the amount would be minimal and not worth the side effects.

Needless to say, over-eating and eating a poor-quality diet will also not give you the results you expect from Clen and will waste your time and money.

Clenbuterol Dosing and Administration

The standard method of using Clenbuterol is to start your cycle at a low dose and gradually increment the dosage until you reach your maximum desired dose. This differs from how we use most anabolic steroids, but it’s essential because Clen differs significantly from AAS.

You want to prevent your body from adapting to Clen, which it will when you maintain a single constant dose. The incremental dosage increase also allows you time to adapt to and overcome some stimulant-related side effects.


Clenbuterol is a highly potent drug, so starting your dosage low and scaling it up slowly throughout the cycle is essential. Therapeutic and clinical study doses are typically in the 20mcg to 40mcg per day range. And this is often where performance users will start as well.

Regardless of your experience level with Clen, we will gradually increase the dosage as the cycle progresses from 10mcg to 20mcg every few days until you reach your maximum dose. Here’s a general guide to Clenbuterol bodybuilding doses for different experience levels:


A 20mcg starting dose is highly recommended. Consider increasing your dose after three to four days of evaluating your response. Beginners will often find no need to extend beyond a 60mcg maximum dose.


With some Clen experience under your belt, a starting dose of 40mcg can set the stage for increasing it gradually as you see fit. One method I like is to stick with one dose for two weeks, then increase it by 20mcg. A simple 6-week cycle with this strategy takes you from 40mcg to 60mcg, then 80mcg for the final two weeks.


Hardcore Clen users who risk using higher doses are those most able to tolerate the harsh side effects. 80mcg is a very high dose; many users will struggle at this level. 100mcg is not unheard of, and some users have taken 120mcg and seen pretty unbearable side effects (not recommended).

Dosing Schedule, Half-life, and Cycle Length

Clenbuterol’s half-life is estimated to be anywhere from 35 to 48 hours. This makes it active throughout the day and night, regardless of what time you take it. This can present some issues for Clen users – because this drug is well known for causing sleep issues.

As a powerful stimulant, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Clen can result in sleep difficulties, but it does make it essential to at least attempt to time your dosing to minimize sleep disturbance. Most people will take it in the morning, giving it time to have the most potent stimulant effects peak and wane later in the evening.

Something else I want to mention here: some people ask whether Clen is an excellent pre-workout compound. My answer is No! Taking it before a workout will not benefit your training; it’ll probably ruin it. Often, we’ll feel the side effects within an hour or two of taking a dose, and you don’t want those kicking in while you train (anxiety and jitters, for example).

Just how long it is thought to be safe to use Clen is always up for debate. There’s no safe amount of time to use Clenbuterol for performance and fat loss because there will always be risks at any dose and length of time. Typically, I’d aim to use Clen for 4 to 6 weeks at the most. Some users go for longer – 8 weeks or more is a risk some will take.

But here’s the kicker:

One of the most popular and effective ways of using Clen (and some will say the safest way) is to use it for two weeks, followed by two weeks off. This allows for a recovery time and to avoid a stagnation of results.

Many others argue that this strategy isn’t necessary and that you should use Clen continuously for 4 to 8 weeks. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and tolerance to Clenbuterol and its side effects.

Likely Results

What do you want to get out of Clen? Most of us will use it for fat loss despite its excellent effects for specific athletic pursuits. So, how much weight can you lose when using Clenbuterol for a few weeks? There are many other factors involved:

  • Your current weight
  • Your diet
  • The type and amount of exercise you’re doing

Remember this: Clenbuterol has often falsely been promoted as a magic weight loss formula that will “melt fat off you.” While it will undoubtedly help you lose more fat than you could otherwise without it, you still need to do all the right things to facilitate weight loss. And I always say to people: keep your expectations realistic.

Aiming for a few percent further reduction is ideal if you’re already at or below 15% of body fat. You’re not likely to get down to 7% on one Clen cycle. People typically report 10lbs to 15lbs of fat loss using Clen for an average 6-week cycle or with ongoing 2-week on, 2-week off usage.

Clenbuterol Cycles

Clenbuterol is a compound that can be used by both men and women very similarly. Unlike anabolic steroids, women don’t have to worry about virilization or other hormonal side effects with Clen, so females generally use the same dosage range as males. Individual response to Clen is what’s going to dictate a comfortable and effective dose for you and how long you use it.

Author Note: I’m currently using Clenbutrol by Crazy Bulk. It’s an ideal swap for your risk-laden Clenbuterol. The stuff truly works!

Clenbuterol Cycle for Men

Clenbuterol is capable of giving vastly different experiences to different men. Some find that the stimulant side effects, even at the lowest doses, are too harsh to handle, while others can use Clen at the higher end of the dosage range with few noticeable side effects.

So, with that in mind:

There is no typical Clenbuterol cycle for men. Here, I want to share just some of the experiences and results that guys are seeing with Clen – whether they’re using it on its own or stacked with other PEDs.

Fat loss results for male Clen users are reported anywhere from 10lbs within just three weeks up to 15lbs when using Clen for longer. Notably, men note they’re able to retain existing lean muscle. I’ve noticed that many men wisely don’t over-extend their Clen dosage.

Excellent results (such as losing 15lbs in 4-5 weeks) are seen on cycles starting at 20mcg and only reaching a maximum of 60mcg per day. What does this tell us? Just because some people think you need to be taking 80mcg or higher to see results, suffering the side effects of those higher doses is no longer necessary to see impressive fat loss.

What many guys find who are regularly testing their resting heart rate is a significant rise – sometimes 30bpm or more than usual. This is Clen’s stimulant effects kicking in and its thermogenesis and metabolism-raising activity. Some men find it too uncomfortable to have a faster resting heart rate, leading to a decrease in the Clen dose or even stopping it altogether.

Needless to say, men who use Clen on their own and have prior experience with steroids find it a relief not to do any post-cycle therapy after a Clenbuterol cycle.

Clenbuterol Cycle for Women

With Clenbuterol not being an anabolic steroid or any other type of hormonal PED, women will run it very similarly to men in terms of dosage and cycle length – the main point of difference will be any other compounds stacked with Clen.

Positive things that women are saying about their Clenbuterol experiences include impressive fat loss results ranging anywhere from 5lbs to 15lbs depending on personal factors (dose, length of use, current weight, diet, and so on).

You can’t use a potent drug like Clenbuterol and not have a lot of negative comments or complaints/concerns being shared. Female users will typically be well aware of the downsides of Clen, and frequent comments about jitters, anxiety, and sleeping difficulty can be found.

One issue I often come across is that of females asking (and some men also do this, I might add) whether Clen is an excellent idea to use to lose fat where the person rarely exercises, has a high existing body fat percentage and has little or no history (or intention) of eating a disciplined diet?


This is a recipe for disappointing results; women should be relatively fit and experienced with sticking with a restrictive diet while using Clenbuterol. Otherwise, you’re better off dieting and working out (with weights training) than using a harsh substance like Clen.

Clenbuterol vs. Other PEDs

When it comes to pure weight loss or fat loss PEDs, Clenbuterol is considered possibly the very best of the bunch. Only if you can handle the side effects, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Even many anabolic steroids are less risky and easier to use than Clen.

There are no AAS, which are pure fat-loss compounds, but some can facilitate fat-burning more than others. Outside AAS, we can potentially use other PEDs to burn fat. Here, I compare a few of them to Clenbuterol:

Clenbuterol vs. Albuterol

Albuterol is also a respiratory medication but is considered milder than Clen. Many in the fitness community prefer Albuterol to Clen because it doesn’t cause the same anxiety and jittery effects at lower doses.

Albuterol Fat Burner
Albuterol Fat Burner

Albuterol is still a stimulant, but with its much shorter half-life (up to 6 hours), it doesn’t linger in your body as Clenbuterol does, and this means you can have it eliminated before sleeping – avoiding the sleep issues we can suffer with Clenbuterol.

Of the two, I would consider Clen the better muscle preserver and one that gives you a better cut. But when it comes to heart health, Albuterol is the easy winner. Even if the results aren’t as extreme, it’s a less risky drug.

There’s a good reason why Albuterol is the preferred prescription drug in most countries – it’s better tolerated and doesn’t come with the same high cardiovascular risks that Clenbuterol does.

Clenbuterol vs. Anavar

Females, in particular, often look at using either Anavar or Clen.

Anavar AAS
Anavar AAS

Anavar, even though an anabolic steroid, will be a safer and more tolerable PED to use than Clenbuterol for women. Many women can use Anavar at low doses with no side effects. Anavar can promote more muscle gains in women than Clenbuterol, while men are not likely to see significant gains with either drug.

Anavar gives a much more significant boost to strength and is superior in drying out the physique and improving vascularity – hence why it’s often used in contest prep cycles. For pure fat loss, Clenbuterol is a better choice (though a riskier one with more side effects), while if muscle and strength gains are more your priority, then Anavar ticks the boxes.

Clenbuterol vs. Cardarine

Cardarine is used to burn fat and improve athletic performance.

Cardarine PPAR Agonist
Cardarine PPAR Agonist

Cardarine is noted as an almost side-effect-free PED often included in the category of SARMs (but is not a SARM). But Cardarine comes with one concerning risk: cancer development in a study on rats. This means we use Cardarine at our own risk with unknown long-term risks – however, I’d say the same about Clenbuterol.

Cardarine is a far safer compound than Clen and is certainly easier to use. Clen is a more potent fat burner, but Cardarine will improve your endurance and performance much more. When trying to burn fat, we want to be able to train for longer and at a higher intensity, and for that reason, some users will stack Clen and Cardarine to get the best of both worlds (see more on this stack below).

Stacking Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is often used independently and is very effective as a sole compound. That’s precisely how you should try using it first because you’ll want to evaluate your response to the potentially harsh and challenging side effects.

Once you’re confident using Clen and you’ve worked out the dosage range you’re comfortable with, it’s possible to create some effective stacks that enhance the amount of body fat you can lose and improve your performance and other benefits.

Anabolic steroids and other types of fat loss and performance PEDs are often stacked with Clen. Here are a few stack suggestions to consider:

Clenbuterol + T3 Stack

T3 is another compound used for fat burning, which is often stacked with Clenbuterol. T3 can be catabolic and risks some loss of muscle. Due to this, this stack is most often used by women who are more concerned with burning fat than retaining muscle mass.


  • Fat loss
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Reduced cholesterol levels


  • T3: 25mcg-50mcg daily
  • Clenbuterol: Start at 20mcg, optionally increase the dose by 10-20mcg every few days according to your response
  • Cycle length: 6-8 weeks maximum

Possible side effects

  • Jitters/shakes
  • Anxiety
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased or irregular heart rate
  • Loss of muscle
  • Increased body temperature and sweating
  • Increased appetite


This cycle is for those already at a relatively low body fat level (average weight or below). 15lbs of weight loss is possible, depending on your food intake and exercise routine.

An interesting conflicting effect with these two compounds is that Clen can decrease your appetite while T3 can increase it. You may notice no change to the appetite, but an increase in appetite from T3 can impact your results and requires extra willpower to stick with a fat-loss diet.


No PCT is required for this cycle.

Clenbuterol + Anavar Stack

Stacking Clen with Anavar will not only boost fat loss but can have you gaining some lean muscle and, best of all, will promote a harder and dryer physique with increased vascularity. We stick with a low dose of Anavar here to minimize additional side effects on top of Clen’s, but you can optionally take more Anavar if it suits your goals.


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle preservation
  • Strength increase
  • Vascularity, muscle definition, and hardness


  • Anavar: 25-50mg/daily (females 5mg-10mg/daily)
  • Clenbuterol: Start at 20mcg, optionally increase the dose by 10-20mcg every few days according to your response
  • Cycle length: 6 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Increased blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Jitters and anxiety
  • Liver toxicity
  • Testosterone suppression (men only)
  • Insomnia
  • Cramping
  • Irregular/fast heartbeat
  • Sweating and high body temperature/fever


Anavar will give you a nice strength boost, which is welcome when dieting. Total fat loss depends on your diet, training, and body weight. You should be relatively lean to get the most out of this cycle. Anavar’s ability to dry and harden the physique is only beneficial if you lean, retain existing, and build lean muscle.


Some men can run a low-dose Anavar cycle without PCT. If PCT is required: Nolvadex for four weeks at 40mg/day for the first three weeks, 20mg/day for one week.

Females require no PCT.

Clenbuterol + Cardarine Stack

I’d call this a higher-risk stack simply because Clen is already a challenging compound. While Cardarine won’t add a lot of noticeable side effects, it does come with unknown risks – keeping in mind that Cardarine is an abandoned research chemical.

But the potential benefits of this stack can’t be understated: the significant performance and endurance boost that Cardarine delivers will ramp up the body fat you can lose with Clen simply by increasing the amount and intensity of exercise you can do. This is a stack only to consider if you intend to train at high intensity for the entire cycle to make it worthwhile using Cardarine.


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle preservation
  • More endurance and stamina
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Improved cholesterol
  • Improved breathing
  • Decreased appetite


  • Cardarine: 20mg/day
  • Clenbuterol: start at 20mcg/day, increasing by 10-20mcg every 3 days according to your preference
  • Cycle length: 6-8 weeks

Possible side effects

  • Jitters and anxiety
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Higher body temperature and sweating
  • Cramping
  • Cancer risk of Cardarine
  • Possible liver fibrosis (unconfirmed risk of Cardarine)


Along with fat loss (anywhere from 10 lbs or more), this stack will notably improve your stamina and endurance. Your training (including weight lifting) will be able to run for longer, and fatigue will take longer than usual to set in. Ultimately, this leads to faster fat burning and is the primary reason we include Cardarine in this stack.


Cardarine does not cause testosterone suppression so men won’t require PCT.

Clenbuterol PCT

The excellent news about Clenbuterol is that it is not a hormonal compound and does not affect your testosterone production. Therefore, PCT is not required after using Clenbuterol on its own.

However, Suppose you (as a male) intend to stack Clen with any anabolic steroid or suppressive SARM. In that case, you will need to do some form of appropriate post-cycle therapy relevant to the other PEDs being used.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Clenbuterol is considered an advanced and potentially dangerous fat-burning PED choice. It comes with actual health risks if not used carefully:

  • The most concerning health risks to worry about are those relating to the cardiovascular system.
  • Other side effects may not pose a serious health concern but can be disruptive and uncomfortable.

Here are the main side effects you need to watch out for when using Clen:


A jittery and shaking feeling is a significant aspect of Clenbuterol’s stimulant effects. Even people who can tolerate large amounts of caffeine daily can find themselves struggling with the stimulative effects of Clenbuterol. According to your response, this can lead to you using only a low dose. This side effect can make it difficult to lift weights, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to do resistance training while taking Clenbuterol.


A widespread side effect is random and painful cramping. Some users suffer from cramping during the night or when waking in the morning (in the calves, for example). The main reason for cramping is a reduction in potassium. Supplementing potassium and taurine and including more potassium-rich foods in your diet is a good idea. Bananas, oranges, and potatoes are all excellent sources of potassium.

Sleep Problems

Clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant that can disrupt your sleep in different ways. This can include anything from restlessness to insomnia. Just as we wouldn’t drink three cups of coffee before sleeping, you should avoid taking a Clenbuterol dose in the evening. Dosing in the morning only is the best way to minimize the risk of sleep disturbances.


Increased heart rate and blood pressure are real risks with Clenbuterol. With high doses or longer-term use, you risk severe heart conditions. One of those is inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). One study reported a young male user of Clenbuterol reporting chest pain and being diagnosed with myocarditis[2]. Clenbuterol should be used cautiously if you have any existing heart condition or issues like high cholesterol.


Clenbuterol will boost your body temperature (this thermogenesis leads to the fat-burning metabolism increase of Clen), resulting in increased sweating. If using Clen during summer, you can become uncomfortably hot and excessively sweating day and night.

There is a range of other possible side effects you could experience as an individual – anything from tiredness and headaches to heartburn and mouth dryness have all been reported by some Clenbuterol users. As Clenbuterol is not a hormonal PED, men and women can essentially expect the same side effect risks.

Where to Buy Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is still used as a prescription medication outside the United States in many parts of the world. This means there’s a supply of pharmaceutical-grade Clen out there, which will always be the ultimate quality to get your hands on.

So, where to buy it? You can buy safe and legal |Clenbuterol from Crazy Bulk (the best AAS supplier). Give it a try – the stuff truly works!!

Availability of Clenbuterol

Despite Clenbuterol not being a legal prescription drug in the US, it is still relatively easy to purchase there. In almost every other country, Clen is widely available and not a problematic compound to buy in pharmaceutical grade from many of the usual sources where we can purchase anabolic steroids.

The other option we have is buying Clen as a research chemical. This should be a secondary choice because quality can be questionable. When buying Clen as a research product, you’ll almost always find it as a liquid. Spray versions are also available.

Although Clenbuterol has approval for medical use in many countries, it does not have FDA approval in the United States. Therefore, Clenbuterol is not legally available through any avenue in the US. It is sold through research chemical suppliers, providing a method of buying Clen within a gray area of the law.

Although research chemicals must be sold under the disclaimer that they are to be used for research purposes only and not for human consumption, this is not currently monitored by authorities.

Even though it’s very different from steroids and other anabolic PEDs, Clenbuterol has still been listed as a prohibited substance by WADA and other sporting bodies[3]. The fact that many high-profile athletes have been caught using Clenbuterol tells us that it is regularly tested for and taken seriously by anti-doping authorities in professional sports.

Typical Pricing

How much you need to pay for Clenbuterol will depend on whether you’re looking at buying pharmaceutical-grade Clen tablets or a research chemical version (usually liquid).

If you’re fortunate enough to find pharma-grade Clenbuterol to buy, the tablets will typically be 20mcg each. This corresponds to the lowest dose most of us will look to take each day. But if you want to start at 10mcg, splitting a tablet in half is simple enough.

  • 40mcg tablets are also widespread. Regardless of dosage, packs of 100 pills will cost you anywhere from 50 cents to $2 per tablet.
  • When buying Clen as a research chemical – you’ll generally find 200mcg/ml is the most common concentration. 30ml bottles can cost as much as $80 or as little as half that amount.

Keep in mind that not all Clenbuterol is created equally. Some may be under-dosed or manufactured using poor quality practices, impacting your results.

Final Thoughts

Everyone thinks anabolic steroids are the most extreme performance-enhancing drugs anyone can do. But Clenbuterol blows virtually all AAS out of the water regarding risk. Clen is not a safe PED to use – I’ll be the first to admit it.

Plenty of people use it without complications (at least in the short term), but the risks are there, and I don’t believe there’s an anabolic steroid that is more risky to use than Clenbuterol.

With all of that said…

No AAS can directly have you burning fat like Clenbuterol can, so if that’s your number 1 goal, then Clen will always be the choice over any steroids. Do the benefits outweigh the risks of using Clenbuterol? Many of us will say no – and if you don’t like feeling the effects of powerful stimulants, Clen isn’t for you.

My suggestion is to stick with the lower doses of Clen and ignore the noise out there around using higher doses – you don’t HAVE to maximize your Clen dose to get good results, and for me, keeping the dose moderate provides a solid balance between seeing pleasing results and managing those unpleasant side effects.

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— Furious Joe

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